Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A 10% Loss Ratio Makes For a Lovely Day

It's the small, unusual, common place things that bring me inner peace and make me happy in the morning.  Everything must have it's place.  Everything must be in order.  Everything must go as expected.  If 90% of this happens in the morning, then I can say with all certainty that my day will be lovely and will run smoothly regardless of what happens after 10:00am. 

Take this morning for instance.  Eric's alarm clock, which is always set ten minutes ahead of time, went off as expected.  When it went off, Eric did not bolt out of bed and scare me to death but gently rolled over and shut it off.  Lovely.  I don't believe he realized that he did this because he merely hugged the dog, not me, and continued snoring where he left off.

Next step.  Bathroom.  Look in the mirror.  My hair is perfect.  No bed head!  It barely required a brush!  I love it when this happens.  I took a bath late in the day yesterday which means I can sneak by this morning for a few hours at least without offending.  This was such a nice treat that I didn't mind wiping up the dog pee on the bathroom tile.  It could have been worse, I could have stepped in it or they could have chosen to relieve themselves on the carpet in front of the bedroom door.  It's all good.

Wake up William.  Always special.  He's normally a grump and this morning wasn't any different in fact, he was more so than usual.  My hair was so cute that I refused to let this bug me. 

Downstairs to make lunches.  Oh how nice it is when the kitchen is spotless from dinner the night before!  Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Eric is working from home today so I didn't have to make a third lunch.  I hate it when I get peanut butter on my fingers.  Sticky fingers...yuck!!!  Drat!  I dropped the knife in the jar.  Line up the bread just so.  Apply the strawberry jelly.  It must remain within the bread crust otherwise my fingers get sticky when I place the cut sandwiches in the bags.  Drat!  Sticky fingers...yuck!!!  Doritos.  I hate Doritos.  That's why I buy them.  Oreo Cookies.  Juice Boxes.  Mandarin Oranges.  Austynn's lunch bag fell off the top shelf of the pantry and hit me in the face.  That was silly.  At least it was empty.  It could have been worse.  It could have been my metal Partridge Family box from my fourth grade year.  That would have been painful.

Drive William to school.  Growling that he didn't want to go.  Oh well.  I certainly didn't want him to stay home (especially when he's grouchy) so off to school for William.  Yeah mom!
The morning is glorious.  It snowed last night.  Beautiful.  The kind of snow that sticks white to the trees and shrubs but not to the roads.  Low fog, big billowing clouds on the sunrise.  The kind of morning that takes my breath away.  I pull off to the side of the road and take a picture with my phone.  Someone asked me if I'm ok.  I lied and said I was feeling sick (nice).  Everything is fine except my camera wouldn't take a good picture. Oh well, it could have been worse.  My phone could have been broken. 

So I get home and I notice that William has planned an ulterior motive.  He left his lunch on the sink.  He'll be calling because he's not feeling well and plus he left his lunch at home.  Stinker!  Nothing is going to ruin my day.  That is, of course, if Austynn leaves his lunch here too.  Nope.  I won't let that happen.  It's going to be a good day.

Off to school goes Austynn (with his lunch).  I forgot he had state testing today.  Drat, I could have dropped him off earlier.  Oh well.  He was in a good mood at least.  Our only argument was that he wanted to wear shorts on a snowy day.  He had bed head with a huge rat in the back of his hair.  I felt kind of bad when I combed it out and almost made him cry.  He still gave me a kiss on the way out of the car.  No ulterior motives for him to come home early today.

Ahhh.  Survived the morning with only a 10% loss ratio.  It's all good.  It's going to be a lovely day.

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Brenda said...

Nice! And thank you for making my day better.