Saturday, March 12, 2011

All Creatures Great and Small

Yesterday, one of my dear friends commented that she'll be putting down her two dogs this weekend.  Her small children, in their innocent wisdom, know that the much older one should go to heaven at the same time with the very sick one.  I wept when I read this on Facebook.  The tears started again when I saw the picture of her kids and the dogs this morning and now I can barely contain myself as I type this.

A couple of days ago another friend's Chihuahua freaked out during house construction and ran like the gypsy she's named after.  Every nail and hammer stopped until she was coaxed back into that house.  Several years ago, warm water was poured over our gold fish (in all fairness, the person was concerned that Einstein was cold in his bowl).  Chest compressions were administered for 20 minutes until it was determined that all hope was lost.  I am sad when I see lost cat posters attached to light posts and mail boxes in my neighborhood. I live in an area where hawks thrive.  There's usually no hope for missing house pets in this part of town.

Our pets.  They look at us with so much trust and affection.  Our dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, you name them...we love them and they love us back.  We would do anything and everything to keep them safe and make them happy because that's what they would do for us.

There are people out there who prefer not to have pets.  Their lives are too busy, pets are costly or they smell or make a mess.  Please consider this, there is nothing more magical then walking into the house after a long day and being assaulted by slobbering kisses or magical purring around the legs.  And for all the hassle, cost, smell (house breaking two puppies, what was I thinking?!), mess and heartbreak, remember that there's so much joy, laughter and companionship that having a pet will bring you.

I have finally stopped crying.  I adore my friend's children whom I've never met but they've reminded me that little ones always seem to be the wisest ones. 

Now I must go feed my finches, Mike and Sebastian, and spend a little one on one time with them.  Poor Mike is very old and not long for this world.  He'll soon be buried in my garden along with his old friend Ike. Uh Oh!  I'm not going to start crying again!  And finally, I'm going to play tag with my dogs upstairs whom I can hear chasing the ball around and tearing apart my bedroom. 

This blog is dedicated to all my dear little pets past and present...thanks for the laughter.  Damn!  Crying again!!!


Leigh Ann said...

Oh, Bri...just when I thought I couldn't cry anymore. My eyes are so puffy I can't put my contacts in yet today. I so love you for your wise, sweet words that are helping me to know I did the right thing, as hard as it is for me. When we got home last night (I met Ron & the kids out after the vet trip), I didn't want to come in the house. I sat in my minivan and cried because there would be no clicking of nails and wagging tails to greet me. No 'someone let the dogs out to pee!' ringing thru the house. Even w/a 6 year old and a almost 4 year old running thru the hall and laughing and screaming, it's too quiet in my house this morning. Ron left for work @ 5:45am and I just laid there listening to Boo thumping his tail when I sat up, no Mikko quietly snoring...and no Peen getting into bed with me either. It's a lot to handle in the last month, I tell ya...and I am having the hardest time of it.
Thank you for putting into words that it's ok that I feel this way. But I still think God made a mistake...if they are to be man's best friend, they should live as long as man.
Love you, my sweet friend. It makes me sad that Thornton CO is so far from Graham WA...I would love to hug you right now. xoxoxo

Bri Potts said...

I've been hugging you all morning! All my love :)

Pat said...

Ladies - I don't know if this helps. But I'd like to share a pet story with a good ending with you.

This week my wife relented and said that we could foster a retired racing Greyhound. (we already own one). We were going to get one of the ones coming up through our rescue organization. Then on Thursday we got word. One of our former dogs, who had been adopted a year and a half ago was released to a local shelter. He was in rough shape. He was down to 45 pounds (from 70) The family said he simply stopped eating after their daughter moved away. We didn't buy it.. we think it was abuse. But regardless... one of our members drove to Castle Rock to pick him up. We got him to our vet where he was kept until tonight. Tonight, he's coming home with me. We were able to save scrappy War Dancer. Now I get to fatten the boy up! Happy Ending. :)

Obviously nothing will remove the loss from your heart. I am saddened by your situation.

If, down the road, you ever think you'd like a Greyhound... Let me know and I can set you up!

Bri Potts said...

Nice, Patrick.

Good luck to you and War Dancer! I have nothing but respect for people who can foster animals in their homes and then let them go. I would fall in love with them and end up with every one I took in. Please keep us posted on how it works out!