Sunday, March 13, 2011

Das Stolen Chocolate Morsel Syndrome

I work hard everyday as most stay at home moms do. 

I struggle to keep up with the demands of homework (actually, Eric does. I hate homework and math has baffled me since the boys moved past fifth grade), housework (well, not really anymore.  My therapist told me to start focusing more on my needs), and laundry (I figure the boys can wear their jeans more than once or twice - why waste the water?  They don't take good showers and normally they do a good job smelling on their own).

My biggest success story is my thriftiness as a shopper and menu planner. 

I save my husband quite a bit of money by not shopping for myself.  I am definitely not a clothes person.  It's embarrassing but I must admit that I hate walking into department stores and buying anything for, bras, jeans, dresses, you name it, I hate it.  The only exception to this rule is perfume.  I love perfume like other women love shoes.  Talk about a total dichotomy!  Here I am sporting ratty jeans, a man's t-shirt, hiking boots and yet wearing a beautiful scent by Vera Wang.  It's weird but true.  With my being a tom-boy, I guess it's my way of saying that I still like girlie things from time to time.

I also love cooking for my family.  It saves money and my husband prefers my dinners over restaurant meals.  Every two weeks, right before pay-day, I sit down and prepare a very detailed menu taking into account nights we'll need to eat out, Sunday breakfasts, desserts, appetizers for upcoming parties, etc.  I leave nothing unaccounted for.  Afterwards, I go through pre-printed lists for our grocery store, Price Club (Costco) and Walmart, sorted by aisle with items I purchase on a regular basis based off of my menu and things I've noted during the week.  Then, I go through my pantry and make sure I'm not buying more than I need.  My goodness, just writing this makes me feel uptight and crazy! 

All of this brings me to my eventual point.  Last week I specifically knew that I had a bag of chocolate morsels ready and available for a truffle cheesecake.  Now they're gone.  No one is willing to admit taking them.  I have ruled out Eric, my husband, because he would have confessed to his wrong doing plus he is completely entitled to eat anything in the pantry since he is lord and sire of this household.  He brings home the bacon and I fry it up in the pan.  So now my obsessive compulsive side kicks into gear and I can not, nor will not stop until I discover which house troll ate the morsels and in which room and why. Well, I suppose I know why. 

Am I the only stay at home mom that suffers from the stolen chocolate morsel syndrome?  I tink not.  I mus get to das bottom of dis!

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Leigh Ann said...

That is too funny. Because my little trolls are only 6 & almost 4, I can usually count on it being the Lord & Master who ate what I am looking for! LOL!