Monday, March 14, 2011

A Load of Underwear and Some Deep Breathing

Every night I go to bed thinking I'll have nothing to blog about tomorrow.  What the heck was on my mind when I said I was going to post something every darn day?  NUTS!  And yet each morning I wake up with a plethora (I like that word) of crazy, weird ideas running through my brain some of which are so odd that I'm afraid someone will show up at my front door and take me away. 

Also, I always have a back-up story ready to go.  However, I stress out at the idea of using it because then I'd have to come up with another back-up story and then I wouldn't have a back-up.  Confused?  I am.  Oh, what a twisted web of life we weave...

One idea was to write about my dream of the football penalty which cost the opposing team 164 yards from the end zone.  This is interesting considering there are only 100 yards on a football field.  I must say, it was an amazing foul.

Then I thought, hmmm...why is it that pork loin recipes always say they're going to take less time than you need to cook them?  Last night I added 15 extra minutes and I still ended up throwing the damn thing in the microwave.  Arrrghh!

No, this morning I must discuss why it is that every important item from my keys, to my purse, to my glasses, etc., are NEVER EVER where they're supposed to be???  Yes, several of you are familiar with my house troll(s).  I can always rely on him for a good excuse but damn it, not this time.  This is all me.  I own it.  These stupid items will be in my hand one minute, I set them down, and then they're gone.  Poof!

I remember this mystery as a child growing up with my own mother.  It wasn't quite as comical as it is with me (a lot of chaos and hollering as I recall).  I've learned, with the help of deep breathing, laughter, and yes, therapy and medication, to let a lot of stuff go.  There have been a couple of mornings where I've called in tardies to school, done a load or two of laundry, and voila, there they are!  Isn't it amazing how a 12 year old will think a load of underwear and a crazy mother will guarantee him a day home from school?

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Brenda said...

All I can do with this is laugh!!!!

Let me add, no matter what you blog about it's fascinating to read. :)