Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family Stories Old and New

In the morning, William takes medicine from time to time which makes his stomach a bit queasy.  In order to get him to school without having any incidents, I tend to tell him funny family stories to take his mind off of it.  By the time we arrive at the curb, voila, miracle, no vomiting!  I love it when it works out this way. 

This started me thinking about why we don't share family stories more often.  Every family has them.  They're classics.  They're like I Love Lucy reruns.  They never get old. 

The one I shared this morning was when my father would come home after a long, hard day at work and the four older children were told to remain quiet at the dinner table.  How was that possible with a toddler staring us down from a highchair and a plate full of corn in front of us?  The yellow corn kernels were slyly wiggled onto our front teeth and when our parents weren't looking we'd grin at the baby causing him to hoot and holler with laughter.  We drove our parents crazy.  They had no idea what was happening.  What awful children we were.

I remember the time my father backed into my aunt's car and sat there giggling under his breath while my mother and her sisters pinned the blame on me commenting how awful I was to leave the scene of the crime without so much as a note.  I guess I had that one coming.  It was, after all, after the notorious corn at the dinner table incident.

Memories of a catamaran rented for a family sailing trip in Hawaii without a dock to board her on.  My family was not prepared to wade out into windy seas and jump into a blow up dingy to sail out towards her - especially not in front of hundreds of Hawaiian tourists.  Humiliating day for the Bryant family to be sure.  Of course this day also ties into the fact that I have a weak stomach for all things that sail, fly, or just move in general.  My mother rented a small Cessna airplane to tour the beautiful mountains of Kauai.  Who needed the complimentary vomit bag for this experience too?  Yes, yours truly. 

We are now making new stories with our young families.  Austynn always loves sharing the tale about when he burped so loud at the dinner table, it caused William's eye glass to pop out of the frame and land into his bowl of soup.  Coincidence?  I think not.  You should have heard the burp.

Yes, family stories old and new.  They are classics.  They must be shared and retold.  The laughter never gets stale.  They tie generations together and keep humanity from becoming way too serious. 

By the way, did I mention the time I drove around with Austy's underwear hanging off my sideview mirror...?


Leigh Ann said...

Reading this, my mind was flooded w/family stories of my own...both when I was a kid and w/my own kids. You are right...they are like Lucy reruns...they never get old.

Jenn W. said...

Lol, there's this story about my grandma and grandpa that no one has ever grandma and grandpa were out in the garage one day going over their boxes and boxes of stuff...grandma keeps badgering grandpa "What's in that box? What's in that box?" Finally grandpa, exasperated, yells, "I'm in the box Lucille!" We were rolling over that one, and it still makes us laugh. We use the phrase whenever one of us is getting frustrated with something, and it lightens the mood enough to get through it.

Brenda said...

You are so right, Bri. Family stories, friend stories, they are all fantastic to retell and relive. They are home movies told from the view of a person in the film. You do tell the BEST stories too. :)