Monday, March 21, 2011

I Must Always Take My Monday Medicine

It's Monday and I hate to start off the morning on a negative note with so many of my dear friends and family bemoaning the lost joy of the weekend.  So, I've decided to start writing this morning on the reverse.  In other words, start out with what makes me truly happy and then end it with what pisses me off.

 My coffee.  I made it to perfection this morning.  I even added an extra swirl of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup just to ensure the richness of flavor and depth of chocolate that I crave every morning.  I'm sure I'll suffer later when my sugar level drops and I have to shove a pound of something into my mouth to compensate (if this occurs before I finish writing, I'll be sure to include it in my "pisses me off" section below).

Eric, my husband, knowing that it's my boys' first day of spring break (this topic in itself may end up down below in a minute), made his lunch for me last night so I could sleep in and not get up with him at 5:00am to take care of it.  He's wonderful. 

When I sat down at the computer this morning, my sweet dogs nuzzled up to my legs and behaved for just a moment.  Pefect segue...

After this beautiful nuzzling moment and since I've began this blog, I have removed four pieces of bark from Tulip's mouth.  She's a stubborn pain in the ass and fights me for every toothpick of wooden shard.  (By the way, I must say what amazing training skills Eric and I have that we've managed to teach Tulip to vomit only on our tile but she still doesn't quite comprehend how to pee outside on the grass.)  I have chased Tank through the house and managed to save a blue sandal, two socks, and a miscellaneous empty zip lock baggie (whatever it contained I'm sure we'll recover one way or another).

My son Austynn has been awake since 7:45am - it is now 8:25am.  In this amount of time he has asked me for three bananas and if he could play the Wii six times.  Need I say more?  Happy first day of spring break, Bri.

And finally, as I sit here, my typical cleaning obsessions kick into gear.  I'm wondering why the dust bunnies only collect in the middle of my hallway versus behind my fake potted plants (clears throat).  I know that the dust is so thick on my bedroom dresser that even if I wrote my name on it, it would be absorbed into some kind of dust blob monster.  Also, it's almost April and I'm fully aware that there are Christmas tree needles on my family room window sills. 

These are all the things that are pissing me off today.  Now that I think of it, I haven't taken my medicine yet.  Perhaps that's what my problem is?  Maybe I'll just pack it all up and take everyone to the park and leave the dust bunnies for another day.  Damn, I need to remember to take my medicine! 

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