Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pass the Beans, Please!

 こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa)!  Hello to my friends in Japan. 

Good morning or bonjour to my blog readers in Canada!

I'd like to say hello to the rest of the folks out there who have accessed my blog  from different parts of the world.  I'd also love to name their countries specifically but as of yet I'm not sure that when they hit my page it wasn't a mistake.  If so,no worries.  It was nice to think I had a visitor from Russia or elsewhere if even
for a moment.  Доброе утро!

Before I go off to face the big, bad world today, I must address the issue of 
miscellaneous smells.  (I apologize.  I should have warned you to swallow your food or drink before I wrote that sentence.)

As with everything, there are good smells and there are bad smells.  Sort of like 
the Yin and Yang for your nose.

I bring this up because for the hour and a half during my drive home from a friend's house last night, I was overwhelmed with my sense of smell in a bad way.  Normally, if I'm by myself, I tend to be forgiving (if you know what I mean) butthis was different.  Several times along the way, I actually contemplated pulling over for a cup of mocha.  Coffee is a heavenly smell which overrides any
disturbing odors permeating a small space; however, it was well after 10:30 at night and I knew I'd already be a hyper goofball when I got home.  (Poor Eric.  I tickled and harassed him until well after midnight.  Could you imagine
what I would have done had I bought some coffee..?  Ummm...actually, please
don't do that.)

So consider my disgust this morning while packing for my 214 errands (give or take) when I noticed old doggie vomit fermenting on the back floor of my car.   
Nice.  My children sit in the backseat every day (that's, of course, when they're not fighting over who gets to sit in the front seat.  I don't get that.  They're really
close to my flicking finger that way...).  Do you think they could have said something?  No.  They must have assumed mom would make them wipe it up (rightfully so).  Instead, they've probably been pushing the floor mat over it for weeks.  

Every day, I walk through this house as if I where the Child Catcher in the movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but instead of sniffing out children (actually, I'm pretty good at that too), I detect evil odors.  I'm guessing I need to give this one up to God.  With two dogs, two birds, and two boys, I believe it's a lost battle but I can't stop sniffing.  I light candles, spray sprays,
sprinkle carpet deodorizers, and check every spot on the carpet for
dampness. I even ask my friends if the house smells like dog pee.  Pathetic.

That's it.  As of today, I'm over it.  I'm entering the disgusting, make the most
obnoxious smell possible, and refuse to light a match contest. 
Pass the beans, please.


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Brenda said...

Shalom!! I think I'll take a hiatus from your house for a while. :)