Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Useless Thoughts

Everyone has them.  You know what I'm talking about.  Those strange, useless, random thoughts that come creeping into your mind at odd times of the day when you least expect or want them.

Just this morning, while waiting to drop off my son at school, I was watching this kiddo cross the street and wondering, "Why is he wearing that silly hat and what's with the pony tail?"  Now in itself this is a complete useless thought but I see him every day and think the same thing.  Why can't I move on to something different for instance, "Are those the same shoes?" or "Does he live in my neighborhood?"  I'm really starting wear on my nerves.

How about those awful thoughts while you're taking a bath?  I know people who specifically prefer showers.  Could it be for this reason?  Is it because they're afraid to be with they're own thoughts for longer than 15 minutes?  If their thoughts are anything like mine I don't blame them.  I should give up baths because they're starting to make me a nervous wreck.

Just yesterday, after lighting the candles, lying back into the bubbles, and thinking all is right in my little world, I started experiencing random, useless thoughts which led to serious concerns which cut my relaxing bubble bath short because I was stressed out.  This is how it went... bubbles.  Nice.  Shoot, I forgot to take my watch off!  Oh well, it's not like I'll get electrocuted or anything.  Silly.  Remember that awful horror movie when the lady got electrocuted by a coffee machine because there was water on the sink?  Gruesome.  Awwww....feels good.  Did I unplug the coffee machine?  Does it matter?  Damn it! 

Out of the tub.

Then of course there are those random thoughts right before I fall asleep at night.  Everyone is settled.  Lights out.  Comfortable.  I start hearing the house settling.  Oh God, the house is cracking!  The contractors didn't do a good job restoring it.  Are we able to sue?  Should I get up and start looking for new cracks?  Eric did you hear that??  <SNORE>  Shit!  How can he sleep through this racket?  Where are my earplugs?

I drift off to sleep...


Leigh Ann said...

I am the queen of late night, supposed to be asleep, random thoughts! And I am always amazed that Ron is laying there snoring away, too!
OH, and I totally remember that movie w/the woman who got electrocuted by the coffee machine in her kitchen! What was that movie anyway? Oh, great...another thing to keep me up tonight!
Love ya, Bri!

Bri Potts said...

I don't know what the name of that movie was but it was awful and it obviously still haunts me. Eric was a trickster and had me watch it. I can barely get on airplanes today because of the opening scene. I'm already neurotic enough and movies like that certainly don't help! LOL! My love right back at you!! B