Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Village and the Neighborhood Crazy Lady

I've been tossing and turning all night thinking about those little piss ants yesterday and whether or not I should have followed them home and told on them.

Boy, that sentence really showed my level of adulthood.

I expect most teens to act like jerks when they're in groups of let's say...hmmm...two or more.  I realize that's generalizing and I did say most not all.  I'm sure there's a small percentage of very polite young people out there who will not flip me off when I drive by and smile at them.  So, to my friends and miscellaneous readers (of whom I have none) with teenage children, please do not post mean things because I have a delete key on my side of the keyboard.

Middle schoolers, they're just in general goof balls and so I expect some rudeness.  I ask them frequently to open the door for me when I go to Austynn's school to pick him up.  It's almost laughable to see the look on their faces.  They've never heard of such a thing.  Open the door for a lady?  Why?  What's that all about?  (I must admit, most days I look like a hobo but that's entirely beside the point).  When I stroll through a group of girls wearing butt high skirts, lipstick, drinking lattes, and dropping the f-bomb about their boyfriends, I usually let them know what I think.  Normally all I see or hear when I walk away are rolling eye balls or giggling but just maybe, maybe I got through to one of them.

So yesterday, a group of elementary school children were throwing rocks at each other across the street while I was driving through.  Naturally I stopped and asked them (politely) to knock it off.  I've seen the rocks over this stretch of road before so I figured these kids were the culprits.  They indicated they were ok with my request. I nodded my appreciation, started driving off, and the little jerks started doing the disrespectful "whatever wave", and shouting at my car.

Now, I don't know about you but this just doesn't fly with me. I stopped, pulled a u-turn and asked them; what the heck was their problem, were they always this disrespectful, would their parents be happy with their behavior?  I threw my toughest questions at them.  Pointed at them even!  They apologized.  Fine.  I started driving off again.  THEY DID IT AGAIN!!!

I pulled over, put on my hazards, got out of my car and waited for them to disperse.  If anything scares a kid more, it's the girth of my body with my arms folded across my chest.  They all ran.  The little shits!  I should have followed them home.  I expect eggs and toilet paper this Saturday.  Damn it!


Pat said...

There is SOOOOOO much to say about this.
1) If you expect others to make the same choices you make or would expect in terms of politeness, morality etc... You will always be disappointed.
2) It takes a village to raise a kid, but even one well-meaning villager won't make a difference if their parents have abdicated.
3) Group dynamics and mob mentality allow children to do things that they otherwise wouldn't do. Kids who might be just fine one on one can become jerks or bullies in a group.
4) I wonder if those little stone throwers would have appreciated a police cruiser showing up. Next time flash your cell phone and ask them how they think the police would view stone-throwing kids.

Bri Potts said...

Well said, Pat! I guess I should have pulled out my phone and threatened to call the police as you suggested. I was in shock mode I guess that kids this young have started this level of behavior and disrespect. Nothing should surprise me anymore...just sadden me.

Leigh Annie said...

If it gives you any comfort, Bri...I am 'that lady' in my neighborhood, too. Even before we had kids, all the kids in the neighborhood knew where Mrs. Leigh lived and that she'd tell your folks when you were doing anything destructive, rude or obnoxious. My poor kids are probably gonna catch hell for it, but better that than be one of THOSE kids.
I totally agree w/Pat...while it may take a village, it starts w/the parents.
By the way...I have sent your blog link to a few friends who I think will appreciate and enjoy it! Muah!

Karrie Cools said...

I think I've made a new friend, reading this blog!!! Thanks Leigh for sharing! I thought I was the only mom who wanted to teach other kids! My kids have caught hell, but it made them stronger, I swear! My kids would never disrespect an adult. I can almost bet on it!!! They'll even admit, that their mom "knows everybody in this town, so we can't do nuthin!" LOL