Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Banshee is Annoyed

Ok, things really aren't that bad but since Eric has been so sweet lately (and I suspect it's because he knows my monthly schedule better than I do), I need a venue to vent my hysterics...AND THERE ARE SO MANY!

Where the devil is my cell phone?  I've replayed my steps since last Thursday which is the last day I remember using the darn thing.  Since then absolutely no recall.  Friday was my "deep dark", as I tend to call my bouts with depression, so I know I was immobile and Saturday everyone in the house was in power search for it.  The last time I used it was in the car (of course while I was pulled off safely to the side of the road) and then I came home.  Really?!  I'm hopeless.

I'm annoyed that even though I'm drinking a delicious cup of coffee right now it's thwarted by the fact that I ate one - solomente UNO - corn chip while I was making the boys' lunches and that nasty, greasy after taste is hanging on and destroying the sublime flavor of my mocha.  What did I find so satisfying in corn chips when I was younger or just last week for that matter?  They're actually pretty gross or at least they are with coffee anyway.

This thought came to me last night at 2:00am - why do companies change their product packaging without warning?  For instance, feminine protection (gentlemen, please read ahead if this disturbs you).  I purchased the green package at the wholesale store as I always do.  Granted, I didn't stop to double check the exact description but why should I if it's the same brand, color, located in the same spot, and Austynn is being a maniac?  Next thing I know (2:00am last night), they weren't exactly what I was counting on if you know what I mean.  Now I have 76 feminine protection products that I neither like nor will ever use.  Rather difficult to sell at a garage sale.

And finally, on the same vein, please tell me why the olive company decided it was a good idea to add diced jalapenos to their cans of sliced olives?  This is just one more thing I get to watch for when trying to make a macaroni salad.  It sure was fun picking all those seeds and peppers out by hand after the fact. 

Ok, I'm done now.  By the way, Banshee will be gone by Friday but I've asked her to leave you alone for the rest of the week.  Thank you for your patience.  I feel much better now.  Even my coffee tastes good.


Pat said...

Did you know that Fritos have so much fat in them that you can actually burn them like a candle? We learned that in cub scouts. lol
And Yeah, I've made the jalapenos in the olives mistake once too. The cans are so tiny and look so similar.

Brenda said...

I think corn chips, and any junk food, are just a horrible addition to our world. The companies try to temp people with their salty fattiness and dumb mascots. I, for one, will do my part and continue to purchase and scarf such products to help keep them away from others who find them disgusting. I am merely doing a favor to mankind and I can take that bullet for everyone. No need to thank me. Just knowing that you will save your money and your arteries is thanks enough. Now, excuse me while I consume mass quanities of finger lickin' grease. :D