Sunday, April 3, 2011

Foresight and a Fire Pit

Last night the boys, Eric, and I enjoyed our first outdoor meal of the season complete with plastic table cloth and flies hovering over the macaroni salad. Afterwards, we finished off the evening with ghost stories and ice cream cones sitting around the fire pit. I frightened Austy half to death with stories of suburban werewolves. Bad mama; however, it couldn't be helped.  Something always comes over me when I have a flashlight under my chin.  I often scare myself half to death much less the kids.

This gave me pause to think about all the lovely things we do as a family but don’t do often enough. The evening gave our boys so much happiness. It didn’t take a lot of planning just a couple of trips up and down the basement to get the outdoor table and chairs. Forcing William, our fifteen year old, out of his room is always a bit of a challenge but once he was out, we knew he'd have a nice time.  The fire pit probably could have waited for a night when the winds weren't gusting over 25 miles an hour.  Foresight is always a blessing but at least we didn't catch the dry, weed ridden park across the street on fire again (another day, another blog).

We do have some great memories together. Certainly there are the typical amusement park vacations and the road trips through Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore but there are also the more intimate memories.  The Friday nights sitting around the kitchen table playing games.  Packing up the cooler and taking last minute drives into the Rockies, finding a river, and letting the boys play in the afternoon sunshine.  Long, lazy Autumn bike rides.  Reading the Lord of the Ring Trilogy to the boys during one particularly hot and steamy summer a couple of years ago.  So many good times.  What happened?

I know.  Game Boys.  Wiis.  Play Stations.  E-readers...and yes, mom's notorious need to conquer Cooking Academy 2 World Cuisine.

No more!  I have been collecting things to do in the Denver area from magazines and other sources for some time now.  I will no longer use the excuse that we can't afford it (well, we really can't but that's beside the point).  I vow to do the following:

  • I will no longer allow Austy to "repair" the bicycles so that we will have working bikes to ride.
  • William will keep his shutters open during daylight hours so I will not be so concerned about him becoming a vampire.
  • I will continue to be annoyed with Eric for purchasing William's E-reader without dual parental consent and have William turn in said E-reader at any and all family sponsored events.
  • Austynn may continue to play his Gameboy during long, extended drives to give mom and dad much needed silence.
  • Eric and I will make it a point to play more games, be more patient, and be open to the silly, goofy, spur of the moment madness which makes our family the unique group of individuals that we've become. 
  • And finally and most importantly...I will no longer feel the need to conquer the world with my cooking skills. It is a silly, stupid game and I HATE IT!






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Brenda said...

Sounds like this is part of being a happy person, part of be yourself. I like it. :) Maybe we can share some ideas of stuff to do. We used to go out on a family thing every weekend. Now we only do it once in a while. Getting Joshua out of the house is such an ordeal. We force him sometimes, but he wears us down quite a bit. I am hoping, as I always do, that the incoming season will be a fun one.