Friday, April 22, 2011

The Queen of Last Minute Endeavors

I wasn't always a procrastinator.  I used to plan ahead with such detail that I had lists for my lists.  I still do to a point but it depends on the event or what we're doing. 

Take this holiday Easter weekend, for example.  By now, the goodies for the boys Easter Baskets (yes, I still do that sort of thing for my young teenagers) should have already been purchased, the holiday dinner planned, and clothing selected and pressed for church services.  Instead, I've come down with a last minute cold and find myself lying in bed sipping cold coffee and debating whether or not I should put another pair of socks on my feet.  I refuse to consider doing anything past the next ten minutes except for moving towards the Kleenex box in the bathroom.  The tissues on my night stand are full and I really loath the idea of using the dirty t-shirt on the floor next to me however much I've been considering it.

So, I know exactly what will happen come Sunday.  I'll decide to go to the early morning mass because it will be pouring rain and that will be the most unfortunate time to attend.  I'll wait until the last minute to pick up the house and enlist my entire family to assist (which they should) and listen to the grumbling and eventual arguing which ensues when pulling my sons away from their electronic devices for longer than a half hour.  Disciplinary action will occur whereas these same electronic devices will be taken away.  Yelling, crying, and temper tantrums will commence.   I'll leave this particular chaos in Eric's capable hands and drive to the grocery store chaos.  Since we're having a family friend for dinner, my initial thought of ham sandwiches and a can of Campbell's Split Pea Soup is now out of the question.  Ham or Prime Rib?  Probably Ham since I started out late.  Besides, the last Prime Rib attempted was so overcooked it tasted more like a bad chuck roast.  That was an expensive disappointment.  Besides, I can't screw up a ham (well, I could and have but that's another blog entirely).  The hams will be picked through and the other procrastinators will be showing their fangs.  I'll have to take whatever is available and make do, scrape up a few of the remaining produce items, and find a nasty looking cake from the bakery section.  My poor friend.  At least she'll have the comfort of my home and hearth.  Oh that's house will be a sty, I'll probably give her my cold,  my husband will be pissy because he had to deal with the boys, and the boys will be surly and rude at the dinner table.  What fun she'll have with the Potts' Family on Easter! 

Crap!  Why did I have to think past the next ten minutes?  I don't want to get out of bed even for the socks or the box of Kleenex in the bathroom.  The t-shirt is looking mighty convenient right now.

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Brenda said...

I am so sorry you're sick. I'll throw you a box of kleenex and then you don't have to get up. I shopped for Easter basket stuff yesterday because it was the only time I had a window to do it! Yes, I still do baskets for my teen, who still believes in the bunny. I agree with the ham idea. But, no matter what you are able to do, it will be a wonderful (and interesting) holiday at your house. :)

Oh, and take along your spiked bracelets from your punk 80's days to fight off the gnashing shoppers. LOL