Friday, April 15, 2011

Stupid vs Embarrassing

First of all, spell check does not include title lines so I must pull out the actual dictionary to look up the word, "embarrassing".  Sad but true, I can not spell.   I sat down in shame in the 4th grade spelling bee after missing the word, "chocolate".  You would think I'd have an aversion to chocolate after that humiliation.  Not so.  I gobble it down in spite of it.

This morning, thank goodness, I had enough coffee grounds to make my mocha, no whip, 3 Sweet N' Lows with 2 shakes of powdered cinnamon, cup of heaven.  If I hadn't - well, I shudder to think of how my day would have been.  You see, last weekend was difficult and my mind wasn't working on all eight cylinders (as Austynn just gave me a quick lesson on how cars work).  I didn't grind my coffee beans.  Duh!  Today I must go to the grocery store and remedy the situation in hope that they see the desperation in my eyes and the unground coffee beans in my hands.  If not, things could get very ugly.

Trying desperately to clip on sunglasses over glasses that I'm not wearing.  This is stupid in itself but to do it while you're talking to someone teeters dangerously close to embarrassing.  I'm not quite sure how to label this one yet.  I need to consider it a little longer.

Stupid versus embarrassing sometimes can also be defined as to whether or not someone is actually there to see you do the deed.  For instance, yesterday I was looking at the trees in my backyard and stepped in some fresh dog doodie.  That was stupid.  I should have been looking down periodically.  After all, the dogs do poop outside from time to time.  And, as if that wasn't bad enough, while I was walking into the house and listening to a robin sing, I tripped in the patio (obviously I'm not a multi-tasker).  Of course, the first thing I did was to pretend I was in great pain to see if anyone was staring down at me from their bedroom windows (the embarrassment factor).  Since I saw no one, I got up and walked sheepishly into the house (hence, the stupidity factor).

The final stupidity factor..the smell of dog doodie on my kitchen tile.  Perhaps I should have taken my shoes off before I walked inside the house?  Doh!!!

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