Thursday, May 12, 2011

All Things Sweet & Miraculous Are Worth The Wait

A robin is nesting in our patio again and now another spring I face the quandary of how not disturb the bird and her eggs.  Yes, you see, Breezy has a soft side for all things pertaining to nature.  

These darned, beautiful birds can not seem to get it into their little pea sized brains that our patio is the Potts' second living room.  We have an all weather rug, wicker furniture, and a table.  Once the last frost is over, we practically BBQ every night.  We eat our meals out there, Eric and I snooze on the sofa on warm, lazy afternoons, and the dogs go out the sliding glass door to do their business. 

Last year, the birds were spooked away and left their nest with two itty blue eggs.  My heart was broken.  I don't know if I, much less my son Austynn, can handle this again.  So what do we do?

When we lived in our townhouse in California, we had a Mourning Dove nest right next to the front door on our wind chimes.  It was quite challenging.  We made a special sign for deliveries to be dropped off in front of the patio and then the family and I had to tip toe through the tulips (that was our term of endearment for dog poop on newspaper in the back hall), through the garage and around the townhouse unit to get to our BBQ so we wouldn't disturb the nest.  We did this for (don't laugh) umm...ten years.  Ok, ok, I hear you!  Why, you ask, didn't I take down the wind chimes before they came back to nest?  Because I would lose track of time and before I knew it, the nest would be back and then I couldn't very well take it down after they worked so hard to build it, could I?!  That's just cruel.

So yesterday, it was raining here in sunny Colorado and the dogs stayed curled up next to Eric telecommuting upstairs in bed (nice).  The robins got busy and before I knew it, the nest was made.  This may be a logistics nightmare but we will, as a family, have to accommodate another family for a short time anyway.  The dogs will have to be escorted through the garage to do their business in the backyard, Eric will have to do the same to get to the BBQ, and I will have to give up my naps for a bit.  The chair underneath the nest with have some bird poop on it but it can be washed off.  Until we see empty, blue shells lying on the ground and the sound on little peeps in the nest, we will not be hanging out in the patio.

All things sweet and miraculous are worth the wait and just a wee bit of an inconvenience.  If you've ever heard a robin sing in the sunshine, you'd totally agree with me.

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