Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everyone Dreams But Not About Candles

I had a dream last night.  This is a stupid opening sentence.  Everyone dreams.  Now, if you're going to post a comment that you don't, I am thoroughly going to ignore and possibly delete it because it is a proven scientific fact that everyone does indeed dream.  You just may not remember yours.  Oh my goodness, I completely apologize - I digress!

Anyway, my dream.  I dreamt that all the candles in my house were, upon my death, never used.  Odd?  I use them all the time.  In fact, I light the bathroom candle downstairs while I'm cleaning just to get the house in a smell-good kind o' mood for motivational purposes.  I realize that this sounds quirky but I've never denied that I am just a little left of center.  This dream haunted me after I woke up.  Why did it linger in my thoughts while Tank proceeded with his morning ritual of licking my face and denying me my pillow rights?  I have learned early in our dog-human relationship never to make direct eye contact otherwise he believes the morning and the bed belongs to him.  Unfortunately today, he barked because of the Saturday cartoons downstairs, which startled me into eye contact, which, get the picture. 

The house which I grew up in had a guest bathroom off the family room that had lovely, unused brown hand towels.  It was an unspoken rule to leave them alone.  Even guests knew this.  Instead, my mother had paper, decorative hand towels for every holiday occasion in a special tray next to the soap and sink.   Growing up, I thought nothing of this.  It was just how it was.  Then it happened.  A friend offered her opinion.  Why did we have this?  Why didn't we just use the lovely, unused brown hand towels?  Well, because they would get ruined, of course.  Then why wouldn't my mom just buy new ones?  Yes, why not? 

This was just too much for my brain to process.  And then it happened.  I started walking through my mother's beautiful house and saw things.  Candles that had been sitting on sinks and bookshelves for years which had been dusted but never burned.  Plastic dust covers on lamp shades.  Custom made glass table tops on the wood tables.  And of course, those lovely, unused brown hand towels that were never meant for hands.

This past year for my birthday, my mother sent me a lovely candle (seriously, this is not a dream).  It had a picture of a little girl on it and a poem about mothers and daughters.  For a split second I thought it was too lovely to burn and that it should go up on a shelf or something.  No way!  There will absolutely be no plastic dust covers on lamps, glass table tops, holiday paper hand towels, and certainly no unlit candles at my house when I die.  In fact, I'll light my birthday candle tomorrow in honor of Mother's Day and smile.  After all, I did inherit my quirkiness from someone, didn't I?

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Margaret said...

Too cute! Love this.....
Have a great Mother's Day, Bri!! Thanks for always making me smile!!