Monday, May 9, 2011

I Received a Swollen Tongue & Dirty Finger Nails For Mother's Day

Now that the brunches are over, the massages are a lovely memory of the past, and the silence of somewhat well-behaved children is but a golden memory, the mothers of the world dig in their heels and begin another year of thankless monotony.

Good grief!  That was a depressing paragraph.  Just shoot me now.  It makes me want to go back to bed and hibernate for a few hours, weeks, months...

It's not that bad.  I guess I'm just grumpy this morning because my tongue is still swollen from the extra large bag of Sour Patch Kids candy that I attempted to consume in one sitting on Saturday afternoon.  I did have a little help but I could tell she is one of those "taste and savor the flavor" types instead of "chew ten at a time" types such as myself.  How did I eat these things as a kid?  Did I walk around with a constant drooling problem?  If so, I need to have a serious conversation with my old school pals.  Perhaps they had the same malady and we were all oblivious to each other's lisps?  Curious.  This will entertain my thoughts well past breakfast which I will not be able to enjoy due to my swollen tongue.

My holiday was lovely, actually, the whole weekend was.  It is a known fact amongst my family and friends that any holiday pertaining to me, myself...Breezy, starts days in advance and can last several days after the fact.  One day is just not enough, in my opinion, to truly savor the pampering that I deserve.  So, on Saturday, my family and I spent the afternoon working in the yard.  We replaced dead flowers (I will not go into detail on how they died.  I will allow the culprit to continue to squirm in his guilt), planted new flower beds, and prepared the patio for summer.  Spending the day in the yard is one of my favorite springtime activities.  Afterwards, we hung out around the fire pit and laughed well after midnight with some of my most cherished friends.  Sunday was very much the same.  I slept, savored the beautiful day, and had a BBQ with my family.  Deep sigh of contentment.

I don't like crowds and the fuss so I'm absolutely fine with how I spent the weekend, which is what it's all about, isn't it?  It's about being comfortable and having your family show you, in their own way, how much they appreciate you.  Austynn's pencil portrait of a bird was glorious.  William's attempt at detailing my car was terrific; however, I'll need to leave soon so I can see out my windows before the glare hits.  And Eric, he just knows what I love and need.  In a couple of weeks, when I'm threatening to leave the family for the upteenth time and drive to Kansas, I'll look at my spa certificates and quickly change my mind.  He knows just how to play me.  So this morning, I'll chip away at the dirt stuck in my fingernail beds, consider my swollen tongue, and appreciate what a glorious Mother's Day weekend I had.

P.S.  Since I have extended holidays, you should too.  This is my gift to all of the mothers out there whom I love and miss tremendously.  You are always in my thoughts and prayers.  And a special thank you to Maryellen.  You are my quirky, funny side and I aspire to be like you when I grow up.

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