Thursday, May 19, 2011

Listening to My Heart

It's interesting how excited everyone is to read about boobs but not boogers.  Sex but not gross.  So I'm getting good at "reading" my readers so to speak.  I've also discovered that I need to lure you in with better hook lines, for instance yesterday's blog title should not have read, "The Topic is Boogers".  See, right there I lost you.  Instead it should have been something like, "The Velveteen Chair" or "My In-Laws Have Stories Too".  The last one would have promised me at least two dozen hits from Eric's side of the family alone.

The funny thing with all of this is that I started my blog purely as a means of self therapy.  Now it's morphed into, as with everything else in my life, a way of validating myself.  Am I good writer?  Do people like what I do?  Why aren't more people reading my blogs?  I sent a note to the Editor of the Denver Post, what the Hell happened?  Oprah should be calling me by now, why not?  And so on and so forth.  I am my own worst critic.  I'll re-read something I wrote a week ago and my first instinct is to delete or edit it.  It takes every ounce of willpower to just let it be.

Perhaps this stems from the fact that I've wanted to write my entire life.  One could find me scribbling away in my journals as a nine year old and if I start digging, I'm sure I could find my poetry notebooks in the basement.  Those were going to win me a Pulitzer Prize at twelve.  I was certain of it.

So, going forward I will continue doing what I promised myself I would do from day one, write.  Write whatever comes to mind.   Write honestly and from the heart.  I will not focus so much on my statistics and whether or not I'm finding readers in the Sudan.  I will not give up because I get frustrated about where the commas belong or because I did not take college writing courses.  I will write because that's what my heart tells me to do.  I'll write because it feels good.


Val said...

Don't stop keep doing what you do!

Eric said...

Write what you think;
Write what you feel;
Write what you want;
Write what is right for you.

I love to read what you write. You share your thoughts, feelings and soul with your words. Please never stop.

Leigh Ann said...

I am standing up w/Eric on this one as well. I didn't get to the booger blog yesterday cuz it was a crazy day. However, if I miss a day, I go to your FB page and scroll down to the last day I read and go from there. I haven't missed a one. I have sent the link to several friends and recommended your blog to several people. I go back and reread them for a smile, chuckle, or an inspiring thought as a parent. You can move mountains w/your words, Bri...but if nothing else, you move me.
Love you, Friend...<3

Brenda said...

Hey girl. I don't know if you will read this because it's a day late. I didn't get on much yesterday.

You know how my blog is. It's random, rambling and disjointed. But, no matter what, it's from my crazy ass mind. LOL I wonder if people are reading. Only two people ever post a comment. (thank you btw). I am not going to let it stop my insanity! It's my journal, diary, my therapy. Do what your heart tells you to, run free with it! Be at your comfort level, Sweetie, and enjoy your blog. It's yours, all yours. I love it however you use it and I will read it always. I love you!