Saturday, May 14, 2011

Parents Moan, Children Squeal

There is a deep moan, low and rumbling in many households across the country.  If you concentrate you can just make it out over the high pitched squeal of glee while children count down their last few weeks, days, hours, minutes of school.  The moaning, of course, goes without saying as parents reading this are all nodding their heads in complete understanding.  It is the sound of abject terror starting to rise out of their bodies and formulate through their vocal chords.."NO!!"

Summer vacation.  Every day, my kids come home and inform me how many more days (not counting the next) they have left.  To be honest, I'm totally confused because my kids are in different schools and now the numbers are just a jumble in my brain.  All I know for certain is that it's coming in less than ten days.  Deep sigh.

In my more organized years, I would already have my summer planned out (literally).  I'd have three calendar months printed and each week would have pools days, library visits, mini-field trips, and family weekends scheduled and posted.  Then, for my notes, I'd have the field trips selected, what pools we'd go to and what week, the hotels and vacations paid for, yada yada yada. 

Are you kidding me?!  Where is this person?  She's gone.  Hasta la pasta.  I believe she's hanging out at Starbucks and drinking a cup of tea because this gal is sitting at her dusty dining room table drinking a bowl of coffee with nonfat half and half (to counter the 12 swirls of Hersey Chocolate Syrup), 4 packets of Sweet n' Low, a few dashes of cinnamon, and hasn't even submitted Austy's camp paperwork due in a week.  Denial is frightening. 

Did I once have coupons for positive behavior with a prize shelf in my basement?  Yes, I admit it.  I even decorated the prize shelf with flashing lights and ribbons.  I was every stay-at-home mother's nightmare.  Now, I'm lost.  I can't keep up.  My scheduler still sits on February.  No prize shelf.  No detailed calendar.  I'm hanging on for dear life, slurping my bowl of coffee, and like every other parent in the country wondering why we can't be on year-round schedules. 

Good grief, the moaning in this household just got a whole lot louder... 

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Brenda said...

When you get your schedule figured out can I borrow it to copy from? If not I will run away.