Monday, May 30, 2011

There May Be Such A Thing As Too Much Studying

In my home, we have a room off the front of the house which we call the Study.  This room is where I sit and type my morning blogs, stare out the window, over the park and across the northern plains, and "study" the framed artwork my sons and nieces have contributed to Eric and I over the years.  This is also the room where my parents' antique piano stands quiet against the wall and my Zebra Finches more than make up for it by sweetly singing throughout the day.

This is the only place where my boys have no claim to.  Other than my laptop, there is nothing in this room which interests them unless they remember that their Dad keeps his antique camera collection here.  Unless Eric mentions them, William and Austy run right past the cameras towards the refrigerator and the PlayStation.  As far as the laptop, since the day my oldest Googled  "virginas" on my computer, the logon password is a sealed fortress.  No more boobie sites for him.

I mention this room because I'm in a deep quandary about removing a particular picture of Austynn's.  I hate it.  It disturbs me.  Can I be any more blunt?  Yes, I was the parent who decided to frame and hang it to begin with.  I liked the colors.  It's a curious piece of art.  Now, I'm just over it.  And of course, we hung it directly over my shoulder so every time my eyes shift to the right, it startles me.  I don't even know what it is.  I don't believe Austynn knew what it was when he finished it.  Eric and I struggled for ten minutes to decide which way we were suppose to hang it.  I think it's supposed to be the Space Shuttle outlined in black puffy paint but because I'm me, it looks like a lopsided penis.  Now I ask you, isn't this reason enough to remove a piece of children's artwork?  I believe I've studied the picture just a wee bit too much. 

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Brenda said...

What could be better than a picture of a lopsided penis in puffy paint? LOL