Sunday, May 22, 2011

What's Wrong With Texas?

I'm trying to get to the bottom of my husband's aversion to the state of Texas.  If you live in Texas please don't send comments about how wonderful it is.  I totally get it which is why I want to go and visit your interesting and diverse state.  Also, I must ask at this time, not to send Eric hate mail.  Negative comments would push him over the edge.  Besides, if this were to happen, how could we prove him wrong about your glorious state?  Plus, I would have a lot less to write about and, on a slightly more personal level, I would miss his funny mug tremendously.

For the last year or so I've been throwing out suggestions to take a road trip to Texas.  It makes sense.  We live in Colorado and there are quite a few directions in this country we can head off to.  A couple of years ago we took the Yellowstone, Presidential Faces on the Mountains Thing (Mount Rushmore) direction which was extremely entertaining.  Now it seems about the right time to head southeast. 

Eric is adamantly opposed.  No Texas.  Why is this?  What is it about Texas that has him so riled up?  Could it be the country western music?  It did take the guy a little while to get used to it playing at our local grocery store.  He is a bit of a rock and roll snob, but there's nothing I can do about that (my apologies to my country western music friends).  Perhaps it's the idea of cowboy hats and silver belt buckles.  Eric simply can not wear cowboy hats.  He tried wearing one in Wyoming once and it was a dismal failure.  I'm thinking not every Texan man wears these things; however, once Eric gets an idea in his head, it's hard for him to let go of it.  And really, if they do so what.  The bigger the better I always say.  The bigger the better?  Hey, maybe I'm latching on to something here...I think I understand now.

I'll just have to have another one of those self-confidence building talks with my man.  After all, big hats and silver belt buckles are like shiny, red sports cars.  Nine times out of ten these fellows are just trying to overcompensate for something they don't have enough of.  I'm thinkin' they're probably more concerned with short statured, eye-glass wearing, quiet liberal, rock and roll snobs.  And you know something...with my guy, they should be!  

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Brenda said...

Ok, I will refrain from launching into a speech about how great TX is. What does Eric say when you ask him what the deal is?

TX is really not how you described it. LOL It's a lot like Colorado except friendlier. We wanted to move there a little over a year ago and looked into all sorts of things about it. We love visiting there. Jason would rather eat razor blades than listen to country music. He does not sport a cowboy hat or silver belt buckle. In fact, he enjoys a nice kilt and goth music.