Saturday, June 25, 2011

Absolutely No Regrets

"If I could save time a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do..."

Boy, that's a blast from the past but ironically it's embedded in my brain - every word of it.  The melody is haunting and the idea that time is but sand in an hourglass. Wheew...deepness!  If I had pot, I'd have to go out and smoke it.  My brain is completely on overdrive.

The end of life has never been a huge mystery to me.  I suppose the sad part is that people get left behind.  When my Dad died, I was devastated.  He was too young and I wanted more time to hang out with him.  I know; however, that I'll have the immense joy of connecting with him again.  I truly believe there is a greater force beyond myself. 

Some people have different names for this force.  I call it, Christ.  For others, it may be the Cosmos, Buddha, God, Brahma, Allah, the Goddess, etc.  They are all a connecting force which drives us to a central light, the light within us.

Ouch!  There I go again.  Thinking deep thoughts and stretching my brain.  I better take some aspirin now.

I realize that sometimes there's nothing worse than spewing one's beliefs on politics or religion online so please don't post scriptures in my comment section and try to convert me.  Everyone is entitled to their personal ideas.  These just happen to be mine and, plus - this is my blog so I'm feeling particularly entitled today.

I guess what started me on all of this was losing a friend a few days ago whom I used to visit through Hospice.  She was so committed to her beliefs.  This lovely lady was over 100 years old.  She didn't regret a thing in her life.  She survived the depression, was a missionary in the Congo, and lived many years in a log cabin while gold prospecting with her husband. I had to remind her who I was each time I visited and heard the same stories but they never grew old.  She always started our chats by warning me about the dangers of "those evil Catholics" (she was a staunch Baptist) and asked if I knew any.  Being an "evil Catholic" myself all I could do was giggle and let her know I went to 12 years of private school  and was taught by the worst of them, the Sisters of Notre Dame.  Our visits began with hearty laughter and ended with deep hugs, kisses, and whispers of future visits.

When my life is over, I hope it's filled with as much adventure and laughter as Ruth's.  And of course, with absolutely no regrets.

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