Friday, June 10, 2011

Anyone Up For A Road Trip?

Money is such a loathsome thing and yet how many of us daydream the night before a big Lotto drawing clinging on to our "winning" ticket?

Personally, I would like just enough to pay off the bills and take a road trip.  I'm sure it's not a mystery to many of you that I have an affinity to see the world's biggest ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas.  I'm simply mesmerized by this idea.  Eric, on the other hand, has much bigger plans. 

Eric would like to give a portion of the money to our friends and family.  Now, I take issue with this, my dear ones.  If you're reading my blog this morning, I told him that you are a bunch of worthless no-goods and absolutely don't deserve any happiness; however, Eric just so happens to be a nice guy, so what can I do?  I suppose you're going to see some money when we win.  Congratulations.  It's all Eric's fault so be sure to thank him when the cashier's check arrives in the mail.

My man would also like to buy a couple of new cars.  This sounds good to me.  I'm currently driving a red Ford Taurus which is getting ready to celebrate its 11th birthday with over 160,000 miles.  It has done well except for last year when the brakes gave out with the boys in the backseat.  That was a scary business.  I was trying to slow down from 65 mph to get off the freeway.  It was during 5:00pm traffic with a red light ahead and cars stopped in front of me.  The light turned at precisely the right moment and I laid on the horn.  Cars moved as I skidded about until I came to a stop at the side of the road.  And my boys?  William was a bit shaken but Austynn thought I did it on purpose and wanted to do it again.

New, fresh smelling, non-doggie stained carpet.  How lovely.  Master bedroom furniture which doesn't date back to my previous marriage.  Our basement built-out and turned into a true third story living area.  And of course, after adding another story, I would need someone to help me clean it (that's nice).  Our front yard landscaped and professionally maintained.  Stereo speakers throughout the house.  Oh, and we mustn't forget, an amazing junket to LAS VEGAS, BABY! 

After all of this is said and done, we'll have $3,000 a week to live off of after taxes and this is just the interest from the winnings.  We'll be in the gravy.  Whoooya! 

I'm thinkin' we've spent a little time daydreamin' about this.  But really, I just want to drive to Kansas.  Anyone up for a road trip?


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Eric said...

I am up for a road trip, but not to see a ball of twine (not unless we can use it for fun!)