Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extra Cushions On The Patio Chair

I have placed a patio chair with extra cushions under the robin's nest waiting expectantly for the baby robins to take their first flight into the world.
It's the circle of life and my family and I are watching it in awe. We have some neighbors who abhor birds and the mess they make.  I get it, sort of.  Life is messy.  I've blogged about it before but I'd rather have bird poop on my back porch and be inconvenienced for a few months than to miss this amazing spectacle every night with my family. 

William asked this morning if one of the smaller birds get kicked out of the nest, could we nurse it back to health.  He offered to buy meal worms at our local pet store and feed it by hand until it was healthy enough to survive on its own.  My sweet boy.  I told him that the chick would need regurgitated food.  He offered to do that.  Oh my goodness.  He was totally serious.  I did everything possible so I wouldn't regurgitate in front of him.

One day soon William, my oldest, will leave the nest.  I wish I could place a chair with extra cushions under him to soften his fall.  Eric and I have nursed him and watched him grow from a soft blue, delicate shell to the young man he is today.  He's still so fragile.  We only have such a short amount of time left.  Will it be enough to help him make that first jump?  There are so many people who don't understand birds like ours.  All we can do is watch from a distance and pray we did our best. 

Oh life!  Life is a circle...a messy, wonderful, interesting circle.



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Brenda said...

I'm excited for the chicks to come. I think it's beautiful. I may not be a huge bird fan, but life is still amazing. Birds are pretty, they just hate me. :) And you have done a wonderful job with William. It has been hard work.