Monday, June 6, 2011

Going To Sleep Is Exhausting

Finding the perfect sleep spot is exhausting.  Have you ever watched your dog, cat, or someone else's for that matter circle around the same spot lay down, jump up again, and start the whole process over?  That's how it is with Eric, myself, and our pets at night.  For at least a half hour every evening it's a constant struggle independently as well as cohesively to find a happy nesting spot.

Eric is a jumper.  He picks his entire 200 plus pounds up and throws them.  Wherever they land is where they stay.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, if we have already found our happy place, we get tossed around with him unmercifully.  Poor little Tulip, our 15 pound Shih Tzu, gets the worst of this deal.  She's usually towards our feet and can take wild flyovers if we're not careful.

Once Eric is settled, I have to make sure that my front cargo is adjusted properly.  If you've ever slept on your ear lobe funny and woke up in pain, you'll understand where I'm going with this (I'm directing this to flat chested women and men in particular).  I'm "fluffy" so I have a lot of baggage to maneuver and what's worse is when I focus on them nothing makes me comfortable.  Boobies are shifted and reshifted.  Eric giggles and offers to help.  I get annoyed.  Shifting and irritability continues until the unmistakable sound of me whacking Eric occurs - outright laughter from both of us.

Then of course, there's the face slapping dog, Tank, our 23 pound Lhasa Apso, who's afraid to walk past the growling, hissing Shih Tzu and must traverse along my butt and back to get to his section of the bed which is horizontally between Eric and I.  This causes more mayhem and giggling. 

Finally, the happy cohesive nesting spot has arrived.  We're exhausted and then the inevitable happens...Eric has to go pee.    

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Brenda said...

Omg! I am hysterical over here! That was one of your best blogs yet. Not only can I picture this, but I live this with my own animals and husband every night. The only difference is it's either myself or the dog that ends up having to go pee.