Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How Many Batteries Does It Take To Blow Up A House?

On Facebook yesterday I mentioned my 12 year old's newest and most terrifying scientific theory to date.  His hypothesis was to get as many batteries together as possible (48 brand new AAs as well as assorted Ds, Cs, and 9-volts), along with various bits of metal and wire to see if this would create a light bulb.  Once my husband and I smelled electricity and noticed how eerily quiet it was coming from Austynn's room, a horrible shock jolted us, as if Austy's invention did indeed manifest itself and come to be.  Dear God in Heaven, what has he done now?!

After the initial rage wore off, Eric, myself, and Austynn sat on the floor together picking through his toy boxes finding contraband batteries, bedroom door keys, (these were taken, broken, and destroyed all in the name of science), and with a heavy sigh from Eric - half of Dad's missing tools.  Once again we found ourselves discussing the importance of safety, not taking things which did not belong to him, and of course - not playing with electricity or fire.  Geez, I could have sworn I've typed this before...

I was behind the bed, picking up stripped wiring from a new remote control car (reminder to family and friends, please don't buy him expensive electronic toys), when I noticed a small bathroom cup on the floor next to what appeared to be a burned piece of metal something or other.  My blood pressure, which has been controlled with medication since we adopted the boys, began to escalate.  Very quietly, while Eric was still lamenting over the loss of one of his favorite tools I asked, "Austynn, why is this plastic cup behind your bed?"

"For water, Mom"

"I know that you know you're not supposed to have water in your room so why is it here?"

"I keep water in it in case of a fire."

I closed my eyes and tried desperately to find my Zen.  I took a deep breath of calming air, exhaled slowly, and opened my eyes.  Austynn was watching my reaction.

"Mom, you're always telling me to be careful.  I wanted to be safe.  Are you ok, Mom?"

Inhale...(deep, relaxing pool of crystal clear, sparkling, blue water)  Exhale...

I guess he does listen to us in his own "Austy" sort of way.


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