Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Always "All in the Family"

When I was a little girl my Mother was very concerned with the amount of sugar products my brother, sisters, and I had available to us growing up.  There was the tooth decay issue as well as the weight problems.  Remember this was back in the 1970's when packaged, processed foods were being produced.  Microwave ovens were coming into their own and TV dinners were the rage.  Hamburger Helper was a serious family staple in our cabinets not because we couldn't afford any better but because it was a fast and convenient meal for a family of six and eventually seven. 

We were the typical family of the post 60's generation.  With the plaid bell bottom slacks and paisley blouses.  We grew up with Gilligan and the Skipper baby sitting us and knew exactly what television shows came on every evening.  I never understood why I would be allowed to watch bits and pieces of All in the Family (and this was only if I was doing a good job rubbing my Mom's feet) but the moment the theme music for M*A*S*H started, it was time for bed.   

I loved sick days because I found myself delightfully entertained by re-runs of (and literally this is the order in which they came on); Family Affair, My Three Sons, The Nanny and the Professor, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, The Flying Nun, and if I could get away with it after lunch without having to take a nap - Love American Style.  My mom, for obvious reasons, hated this show. 

Our stainless steal lunch pails reflected our favorite TV shows of the time.  I remember I went through a Partridge Family period.  Everything was David Cassidy but of course, the moment his brother Shaun made the news, David was a has been.  I wanted to be a Charlie's Angel like Sabrina (Bri), the tall, tom-boyish one.  One season I wanted to be Wonder Woman.  Darn it, not even for Halloween.  The Bionic Woman was cool.  Jan was always the underdog but she whined too much.  Marcia was a snob.

I realize that I started writing about food and very quickly I jumped away from it.  Veeery interesting.  To be continued...


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