Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's So Hot...How Hot Is It?

It's one of those sticky, summer days that are not allowed to exist in this dry Colorado climate.  My hair is off my neck and the pre-requisite pony-tail is not helping.  The air conditioner is assisting just enough to keep my whining down to a minimum.  I'm sure Eric, who is at home telecommuting today, appreciates me keeping my temper tantrums down to a minimum.

I'm a brat.  I realize there are people all over town who do not have central air and never make a fuss about it; however, I am a pain in the ass.  I like to be comfortable and unless I am, I let everyone know when I'm not.  There are a few exceptions...

When I'm on a road trip, especially ones that I've planned.  You see, I will not allow 100 degree temperatures to undermine my well thought out itineraries.  Ok, so the first hotel I booked for our grand adventure to Colorado didn't go exactly as planned.  We wanted a nice hotel which accommodated pets with a non-smoking room on the first floor.  Instead we found ourselves in a filthy place with a broken air conditioning unit in a very dangerous part of Las Vegas.  I stayed positive while Eric kept a shirtless watch over our trailer in the parking lot.

If I'm near death, I will not complain.  This happened when sitting in my overheated Hyundai on the side on the road in Death Valley, California.  The temperature was close to 120 degrees.  I'd say this was a rather warm day and worth a mumble or two but I didn't.  I took it in stride.  I had my husband, Eric next to me.  We had a cooler with some ice cubes and were rubbing them against each other's faces and necks.  It was actually very sexy.  If we were going to Heaven, we were going to go with smiles on our faces.  We're here today, so obviously we had enough ice to pull us through.  That crappy Hyundai?  Gone, gone, GONE!

If I have an open road with no signals, I wouldn't care about the heat.  I'd put down the windows, pull up my hair, and blast some classic tunes on the radio.  There is nothing that makes me feel more alive than the heat of the day blowing against my face with a long, empty, open road ahead of me.  There are so many possibilities.  So much life in front, behind, and around me.  History is everywhere.  Quite frankly, I don't even notice how hot it is.

Suddenly I'm feeling extremely warm.  Did someone turn off the air conditioner?  Geez, I desperately need a road trip...

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