Friday, June 24, 2011

Make Just One Person Happy - Be A Clown

I love the unexpectedness of people which is why I love doing stupid and silly things myself.  If I can make someone laugh, anyone - especially a stranger when they least expect it, my day is made.

This morning when I was driving to a friend's house to go swimming, I passed by a park and an older lady was wearing a hat to block the sun.  A hat is always a good idea when it's hot and in Colorado, a person can get scorched pretty quickly without protection.  The thing that made me laugh out loud was that this hat was covered with fuzzy multi-colored balls.  In fact, it was so silly, that I actually stopped my car, made a mini u-turn and took a second look.  She didn't notice me because she was standing in a group of other ladies chit-chatting but I thought, what a character!  When I grow up, I want to be just like her. 

A few weeks ago I was sitting at a red light in the middle of a large and somewhat deserted intersection.  On my right was a small compact car waiting for a left hand turn signal.  As this car was waiting, a middle-aged man hopped out of the driver's side door and started dancing a jig in the middle of the road.  What else could I do but open my window and hoot and holler at him.  I wanted him to know how much he was appreciated.  He took a bow before my signal turned green and I drove away smiling from ear to ear.

Not so very long ago when I lived in Southern California and the madness of the notorious freeway system, I kept a Groucho Marx nose and glasses in my glove compartment.  When things were at a standstill on the 405, I would simply put them on.  It was amazing what a simple thing like that could do to make people in the car across from me burst into laughter.  

Life is far too short to take so seriously.  When did we stop singing out loud in our cars?  When did we stop acting goofy?  When was that magical age when suddenly, as grown-ups, we couldn't jump through sprinklers, toilet paper houses, or blow bubbles so big they stuck to our eyebrows?  Why did we teach our children that grown-ups can't have fun?  

So this morning, before I saw the silly hat in the park and laughed,  I was actually singing off tune in my car so loudly that the lady waiting at the signal in front of me was hysterical, and I thought - boy, score one for me today...I made a perfect stranger laugh and it didn't cost me a thing.    

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