Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things Better Left Undone

There are things that need to be completed and there are things that are much better to be looked at, considered, or sidetracked for another day, or two, or heck - a week or so.

The World's Biggest Ball of Twine
The things that need to be completed are feeding your family and pets and the first one is, at best, negotiable.  There are days I JUST DON'T WANNA!  I'm tired, grumpy, and not even remotely hungry because of the ten packets of Weight Watchers 100 calorie snack cookies I gobbled down behind the pantry door.  All I want to do is close my door and sleep.  "Hey, Mom" is gone for the afternoon.  Her mind is somewhere between Thornton, Colorado and the world's largest ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas.  My men can figure it out.  There's plenty of peanut butter and the assorted cheesy snack crackers in the pantry; however, there are no more low fat chocolate chip cookies to be found.  Find something else please.

Medicine distribution.  This is a big, important project.  Not just a thing that must be done but a full on, "turn off the PlayStation, Austynn please have your conversation with me by yourself, and Tank stop humping Tulip against my leg" project.  It's a serious deal.  Between the four of us we probably have close to twenty prescriptions which I have to dole out in our weekly little cups.  Add our supplements and it can get very intense.  In a way I like doing it.  It's extremely detailed work and when I get to my medicine bag, it reminds me of why I'm such a loony bird.  You see, I have the most meds and I enjoy lining up the pills by color and size before placing them in the boxes.  How festive!

Sidetracked items...there's doggy barf on my closet carpet.  Unfortunately, it's the same color and it's in an out of the way location so it went a couple of days before it was noticed.  Of course the smell was a factor at first but as with every married couple, we'd hoped the other guy would attend to it.  Well, that time - the smell went away - kinda just absorbed into the space so to speak.  Now that I found it, it haunts me like a crooked picture.  Do I soak it up?  No.  I merely walk past it still hoping against hope that my darling husband whom, might I add, discovered it first, will take care of it.  An issue to be sidetracked for another day.

The dead fly in my dining room window sill.  I know it's there.  I killed it with such force that I swear I heard it scream when my Family Circle Magazine hit it's dirty butt.  Hehe!!!  No mercy for flies in this house.  At the time of it's demise, I thought to get a tissue to pick it up and throw it away.  This was about a week ago.  I have since walked by that window countless times and have considered the wonderful aim and powerful whack of that afternoon.  I was ruthless.  All house flies should fear the wild eyed human in the crappy, ratty, flannel over-sized sweater jacket thing wielding magazines like Samurai Swords. The squished feller, and probably countless others who have died of natural causes, are awaiting pick-up and final destruction.  Not critical.  Might as well wait for a few more to gather and not waste the tissue. 
Zebra Finches

Bird poop shot artfully up the side of my study wall.  How does this happen?  I supply my two Zebra Finches with the Denver Post cartoon section to peruse at their leisure.  Perhaps they enjoy what they're reading so much that they just can't control the power of their poop?  What I do know is that they prefer the cartoons over the editorial section. (My apologies, Mr. Haley.  I think they're still put off that you didn't accept the offer for my online blog).  The editorial section is lacking a depth of humor and sarcasm which I find quite irritating.  Again, I digress.  Anyway, if I wait long enough, the bird poop becomes perfectly dry to where it will flake off easily.  If I wait too long it becomes stiff and scrubbing is mandatory.  Thank goodness for Magic Eraser.  Yes, I can procrastinate with this too.  Why not? 

I fed my family this morning, sort of.  They ate breakfast at 11:00am.  No wagging tongues please.  I made banana bread; however, I stayed in bed a very long time considering my options.  Do they need lunch?  I don't know.  Maybe a snack will do.   It is Sunday for Pete's sake.  I'm done working until dinner.  I JUST DON'T WANNA make lunch!  Pull out the juice boxes and Triscuits.  That should hold them.  Good Grief!  I don't feel like filling up my gas tank so I guess Cawker City, Kansas is out of the question.  The barfy closet, dead flies, and poopy walls will have to wait another day 'cause I'm pouring me a billion calorie ice coffee frappuccino and breaking into my Weight Watcher's snack cookies. 

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