Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Would You Do?

What would you do?  A woman is walking out of a public restroom in the middle of a crowded amusement park and you spot a wet toilet seat cover hanging out of her pants.  Would you let her continue walking through the park facing certain shame and humiliation or stop her immediately?  My undying thanks to the woman who stopped me before I took ten steps further into LEGOLAND, California.  What an angel of mercy.

Four teenagers barely old enough to drive are sitting on a sidewalk when someone they obviously paid off hands them a gallon of vodka and several 36 ounce cans of beer from the nearby liquor store.  Would you call 911?  I did.  Nothing came of it.  They drove off before the police arrived.  How frightening to know that they were on the roads drinking and driving.  I was young and stupid once too.  I got behind the wheel of my car stoned or drunk. What if they hurt or kill someone or themselves?  What if I had? 

An extremely overweight, self-conscious sixteen year old girl was attending a high school basketball game and the gymnasium was packed with students and parents alike. During an extended time out and while the game was fairly quiet, she had to pass a section of bleachers filled with male students to get to her seat.  As she walked past, loud barnyard sounds erupted from the stands.  Mooing, oinking, baying, all of which were directed at this solitary adolescent trying desperately to hold her chin up and shoulders back.  Would you have told these boys to knock it off?  Would you have gone to her as she walked dejectedly out the back exit weeping while waiting for her father to arrive?  No one did.  I hid alone in my shame.

A man appeared to be tagging a storefront with graffiti.  I was sick of seeing my downtown neighborhood being terrorized by ugliness.  I stopped my car and started ranting and raving at this fool to knock it off and go home.  The "fool" turned around and yelled at me that it was his storefront, he was cleaning off the graffiti, and to stop my ranting and raving.  OK then!  He was doing a good job!  Keep it up!

What would you do?  Where do we take our stand?  Where do we exhibit empathy?  When do we step in and say, "enough"? We are together in all of this craziness.  Let's show each other some love.


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