Thursday, July 7, 2011

3 Reasons To Be A Wee Bit Grumpy. Not Today!

I slipped in dog pee this morning on the bathroom tile.  Not a nice way to be startled awake at 2:00am.  Then, to add insult to injury, I had to clean it up. 

My husband smells.  This is not an easy thing for me to admit.  He's usually very good about taking his daily showers and washing his hair; however, his vacation started Saturday - 5 days ago!  Need I say more?  This morning I could not cuddle up next to the filthy beast.  I'm afraid we have permanent grease stains on the bedding (the shroud of Thornton).  Our bug zapper has not been able to successfully do it's job when he walks into the yard.  The flies start hovering.  I made the mistake once of telling him that I thought his stinky armpits smelled kind of sexy but I think he's taking this to a whole new and unpleasant level.  He must take a hot water triple shampoo today or I will NOT step out of the house with him.

William, our almost surly sixteen year old, told us last night that he's seriously ready for his "vacation" away from the family.  This is our teenager who lies in bed for most of his day doing absolutely nothing.  When he's not in bed, he watches TV or plays video games.  But of course, he's completely fed up with his life here at home, is ready to get away from us, and must see his Grandparents in California.  He's annoyed because we won't allow him unlimited electronics or TV time.  We actually have the audacity to make him compromise on what he watches on TV when his younger brother is in the room.  We are cruel in that we haven't automatically turned over his telephone or given back his TV which he lost with below average grades last year.  And...he's bored.  And...he has no money.  He chose not look for work this summer to make a few extra bucks and keep busy.  He's done with us.  And quite honestly, we're done with him.

We received a phone call yesterday that things in California aren't going well with the family.  William's trip may have to be postponed.  We'll know for certain tonight.  I'm thinking we'll just fly him out to some miscellaneous destination with a bag of potato chips.  He keeps telling us he can manage on his own.  Let's see how he does.  I'm just curious. 

So...I have just a few reasons to be a wee bit grumpy this morning.  Nope.  Not this gal.  Not today!  I have a full tank of gas, a few bucks on my credit card, and nowhere I need to be. 

Don't worry.  Be happy.

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