Thursday, July 14, 2011

Damn it, my eye is twitching again!

The time has come when our boys don't want to go anywhere with us any more.  I don't know whether to be sad, ecstatic, or scared to death.

The sadness belongs to the family vacations.  The sentimentality value.  When Eric, or for the most part myself, could plan a trip where the four of us could get away together and build memories for a lifetime.  Ok, so what if those memories might include broken toes, cheap souvenir stands, or arguing half way across the American continent about putting down their Gameboys and looking out the windows?  Screaming or laughing, we were experiencing the moment together - the four Potts'sss.

Chief Inspector Dreyfus
Ecstatic.  We have been adoptive parents for almost ten years now.  Eric and I used to dream about the day when we could take off alone together and spend some quiet time.  For those of you without Autistic or Autistic Spectrum children or - this is where I just say it like it is - for those of you who have never experienced our son, Austynn, silence for my husband and I is golden.  William talks a lot but he has quieted down somewhat into a typical surly "almost" sixteen year old.  His "talking a lot" consists of a constant debate over the fairness of a consequence he agreed to the day before.  He will insist on discussing his point of view for upwards to two hours if we let him.  Nope.  Point taken after ten minutes. Sorry.  "Our house is not a Democracy.  You agreed yesterday to your consequence, now leave us alone."  I wish this would stick but as any parent of a teenager knows, it can continue for as long as the kid is stubborn.  William is a pain in the ass.  These arguments can go on for days.  Austynn.  His talking consists of talking to hear himself talking.  He must counter every point made, even if it's his own argument.  If he sees a car parked on the side of the road, he must come up with five possible explanations as to why that car is parked on the side of the road.  When we tell him we don't want to hear any more, he'll tell us two additional theories.  When he's watching TV, I will do my best to avoid him so he won't be tempted to offer his opinion about the latest commercial on Silly String.  "No Austynn.  I don't care about how much aerosol the can contains."   Sadly, even after I've walked away, I can still hear him discussing its dangers to the ozone.  Smile or laugh; however, live with this talking machine for 24 hours and we'll see if your eye starts twitching like Chief Inspector Dreyfus' from the classic Pink Panther movies.

Scared to Death.  In some of my earlier blogs, I've written about Austynn's interest in electricity and curiosity about candles and wooden clocks.  William has also shown Eric and I a penchant to fool around with magnifying glasses and dry grass on windy days.  Just recently we discovered that William, as most older brothers do, has a serious lack of patience for his younger brother.  Understandably, anyone - including the Pope - could have a lack of patience with Austynn; however, it is not ok to beat up one's little brother when we're not at home.  William has more pent up rage than most kids his age.  He could have killed Austynn.  Totally not cool.  I never asked Will what set him off but I'm thinking it may have been Austy asking his brother for the fifteenth time to turn the TV channel.  I'd want to kill him too especially if I were watching Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.

So here we are.  On one of Eric's last vacation days and I'm listening to the kids in the family room quietly conspiring that they don't want to go wherever it is that Mom and Dad plan on going today.  Little piss ants!!  A third of me feels sadness down to my core.  It's vacation week.  We should be celebrating this time together.

Another third of me, says good - I could use a little peace and quiet.  William has been setting us up to get his cell phone back earlier than what was agreed upon (yes, a consequence) and I've been listening to Austynn moaning and groaning over his PlayStation 2 for the last hour.  Before this, he was chatting up a storm about absolutely nothing with William in the family room.  I even closed my study door to drown out the constant background chatter.  Good grief! 

And finally, my heartburn has already begun to settle in.  It's too early in the morning for this.  I'm delaying our start to the day because the earlier Eric and I leave, the longer the boys may or may not be home on their own.  What a tangled web...

There are no easy decisions to be made here.  Perhaps a 4th third option?  But then again, I was never any good at math.  Darn, my eye is starting to twitch again!


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