Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sometimes It's Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

I realize that I write about my embarrassing moments a lot but Eric has given me carte blanche to share with you some of his and trust me, he has some serious doozies.

I was thinking about this today as I was sitting with a friend in one of our local mountain casinos here in Denver this afternoon.  I wasn't playing but I was watching and thinking back to the days when Eric and I used to spend a lot of time and money in Las Vegas when we lived in Southern California

It wasn't too bad of a drive if we planned on taking an extended weekend trip.  Those get-aways occurred back in the days when we were both working and had not adopted our boys yet.  They were last minute excursions which usually lured in many of my family members since they loved going to Vegas as much as we did.  It wasn't uncommon for a call to come in on a Thursday pulling the Bryant clan together for a drive out the next afternoon, morning, or even the same evening.  The sooner we could pull it off, the better.

For this particular trip, Eric and I stayed at the Rio Hotel All Suites and Casino.  The night before was a long one.  Eric and I had taken in a show, had a hot streak at the crap tables, and didn't get to bed until well past four in the morning.   When we had met my sisters at the breakfast table, we were not quite coherent.  Eric had discovered he had left our money back in the room.  Away he went.  Eric should have only been gone fifteen to twenty minutes at the most yet he was gone for well over an hour.

When he finally returned, he was white as a ghost and shaking like a leaf.  He couldn't speak for ten minutes.  We sat there sick to death thinking that something horrible had happened to him.  I was getting ready to call security and have the hotel doctor paged.  Finally, upon this threat, he shared what had happened.

When Eric approached our hotel room he noticed that the door was slightly ajar.  That's odd he thought.  He was certain he had closed it securely upon leaving for breakfast.  So he opened the door and what did he see but our luggage sprawled across the floor willy nilly.  His black dress shoes and socks from the night before were lying in the middle of the way!  What the Hell?!  Then he looked up and there was a strange guy laying on our sofa totally passed out in his jockey shorts.  What the...?!  He walked into the master suite and saw a completely buck ass naked dude asleep on our bed.  Eric said he was going to, "fucking kill these guys"!  Then it occurred to him that maybe, just maybe...oh my God!  My man quietly, very quietly stepped out the door and looked at the room number again only to realize that he was on the wrong floor.

Yikes!  Thank God Eric didn't attempt to "fucking kill" these guys.  From what I understand, they where a lot bigger than he was.  SECURITY!

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