Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Am I a "cougar" if I hit on my own husband?

As women, technically, we have no say in the amount of facial hair that adorns our husband's or partner's faces.  But realistically let's face it, ladies - we have all the power.

Ok, I need to back up here.  On a personal note, God and hormones have more to say about it than I do.  I believe I've mentioned this before but my husband, Eric, has a non-malignant brain tumor which sits right over his pituitary gland.  He had a big portion of it removed in his twenties and the remainder of it zapped with radiation; however, it has messed with his ability to grow facial hair.

With medication and a big dose of love and humor, Eric is doing great but his facial hair...well, he's working on it.  Actually, it's coming in more now than it ever has in his adult life.

Since we were kids in highschool, Eric has always been a clean shaven, baby faced, young man.  Nice and neat, perfectly groomed at all times.  He even used to iron his shorts.  I quickly broke him of that habit.  (PLEASE! Way too uptight for me.)  He would clean his tennis shoes with window cleaner but now he buys cloth sneakers.  (We've saved a fortune on Windex since the switch-over.)  Since he's been taking a hormone replacement medication, I've used my feminine persuasion into gently coaxing him into growing a mustache and goatee.
Damn, my man is cute!  I mean, he's always been cute - don't get me wrong - but for the first time in his life he has this slightly, "I don't care and I'm relaxed" attitude which drives me absolutely crazy (I'm slightly embarrassed but as I type this I feel a bit growly).  Is it possible to be a 44 year old "cougar" and want to hit on my own husband?  I mean after all, he does look about twenty years younger than I do?

I don't think I can give this blog the proper ending it deserves.  All I can say ladies is that if your love life is a little slow, you have the power.  You have the power to have your man alter his look a little.  I believe it will do wonders for your sex life.  Now if you will excuse me, I need to visit with my man for a little while...

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