Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do I really want to be remembered for that?

I know this sounds odd, but a lot of strange things cross my mind (no one should be surprised by this).  As I was watching TV with my husband last night it struck me that I would be mortified to be in a lot of commercials these days.  I'm sure it pays well but when I consider what I may be hawking to millions of viewers, I don't think it would be worth the humiliation.

For instance (and I apologize in advance to my gentlemen readers), there was a tampon commercial whereas the lady in question was jumping off a diving board and while upside down in mid-air she commented how she hoped her "protection" was in working order.  Really?  I hoped so too.  I think everybody at home watching did as well.  Would I want to be remembered for this infamous line?  I think not.  Gruesome.  It left Eric and I making all sorts of sordid comments after the fact because that's just how we are.  We'll always remember her face and if we see her walking down the street one day we'll think, "Wasn't that the upside down tampon lady who was worried about "leakage?"  That's not how I would want to be remembered. 

Then there's the cute commercials like Life Cereal'sMikey, Hey Mikey!  Remember him?  Sure, we all do.  But that's the problem and his face hasn't changed much since he was 3 years old.  It's criminal.  I feel for the guy, I really do.  There are enough idiots in the world to harass him for the rest of his life.  I can't even imagine what it must be like when he eats out.  Or how about all those stupid TV specials that still want a piece of him?  Poor guy.

I would think that TV commercials could destroy a career in one fatal blow depending on what one is hawking or how stupid it is. 

Before I end this rant, am I the only one questioning the whole side by side bathtub scene on the beach for erectile dysfunction medication?  What's with that?  Now this commercial is weird.  Just go into the water!  Is the ocean too cold?  Will he shrivel more?  Will it turn him off?  How did they get the bathtubs there?  How did they fill them with fresh water?  Do they not like getting sand in their suits?  Where will they make love?  Where are their towels?  Did they get naked in front of everybody else?  And for that matter, where is everybody else?  Do they have their own private beach?  My questions pertaining to this commercial are too numerous to type. At least provide more answers than questions.  How annoying! 

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Pat said...

I was in a play in was more of a cabaret linking Cole Porter songs. One of the characters during the show got the line. "Yes! my agent just called. I got the Preparation H commercial!"