Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Invasion of the Breezy Snatcher

What is it about my man's blue eyes and sweet smile that prevent me from turning off my light at night?  He gets me every time.  My body can be a crumpled mess of 44 year old aches and pains and yet one silly smile from him makes me want to stare into his face for the rest of eternity.  I know, I know...beyond sticky gooeyness.  I apologize profusely.  Who the Hell came into my bedroom last night and kidnapped the ornery, sarcastic Bri you've all come to know and appreciate?

Let me go back.  I don't believe that someone took her per say.  What happens is she that departs voluntarily every August 17th through the 20th and leaves in her wake a love sick puppy dog or in this case, a middle aged, devoted Labrador Retriever.  Would I get up in the middle of the night, drive to the grocery store, and purchase him Dove Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars if he asked me to normally?  Ummm...NO!  Last night when he smiled at this Breezy impostor at 12:35am she would have hopped in her red Ford Taurus without hesitation.  It's a sickness.

To explain this malady and "out of body experience", the Potts' Wedding Anniversay is August 19th, 1995.  Bri and Eric were married on one of the most uncomfortable days in recorded history on a boat on the Colorado River in Laughlin, Nevada.  Humid, 119 degrees, with the boat's generator crapping out right before the ceremony (meaning no air conditioning or electricity) - we looked into each other's eyes and exchanged the curse.  Every year at this time, Bri takes her surly, bitchy soul to an unknown location and leaves behind this starstruck groupie.  It's the honest truth.   

I adore this guy, Eric Potts.  He's had me hooked, line and sinker since we were kids in high school.  The first time I saw him slide across the dance floor in his Nike tennis shoes into a group of girls of whom he only knew one - I thought, "This guy's a character.  He's fearless".   While he was dancing up against all of my friends and totally disgusting them, I liked him immediately.  I laughed and watched him dance like a maniac.  In fact, I liked him so much that I asked him out (via letter) to the next dance called, Sadie Hawkins.  We've been best friends ever since that night in 1983.

So in all actuality our anniversary should be March 19th and we should be celebrating 26 years together.  After all, there was a faux wedding chapel at that dance, Eric and I did exchange vows, and amazingly after all these years  - I still have that tiny metal ring from when the high school dean pronounced us pretend man and wife. 

I don't think that weirdo who's replacing Bri for the next couple of days will want to close her eyes again tonight.  It still seems too much like a dream.


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Anonymous said...

Like the morning sun awaking the a flower to share its beauty, you have awakened my life creating our love story.

Happy 16th Anniversary my love!