Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A family legacy that just doesn't work for me.

I'm putting together a memory book for my son, Austynn.  It's sort of like a photo album but it's not.  Confused?  Go ahead and shake your heads yes because I am.  Everything in my life is complicated.  I'll try to explain it to you in 1000 words or less because, as we all know, I do that so well (sarcasm, no worries.  I'll try to keep this blog shorter than 500 words.).

Since Austy came to us from so many foster homes, his earlier memories tend to be a little jumbled.  One of his therapists suggested that I compile a special book for him with pictures and notes from his time with us as a family.  He's drawn his previous memories on paper as best as he can remember them. 

Now, as I have eluded to in the past, I am my Mother's daughter in many, many ways...except one.  My Mama keeps pictures, lots of pictures.  Pictures and pictures and more pictures.  Photo albums.  Dated and numbered photo albums.  She gets backed up from time to time but as of last count she's probably on #70 or so by now.  Don't giggle my dears.  I think it's fantastic.  I used to be mesmerized and enjoyed them from time to time; however, I think I was the only one.

I, on the other hand, didn't even consider asking someone to take pictures on my wedding day with Eric.  Someone just thought to do it.  We were fortunate enough to get copies which now, I'm embarrassed to say, sit loosely in the bottom of a miscellaneous box in our basement.  I have three photo albums all of which I compiled when I was in high school.  The rest of my life in pictures are also sitting in boxes in my basement.  Thank God for the dawn of digital cameras!  At least I know where to find them in my computer, sort of.

So now, today at 3:00pm, Austynn and his therapist plan on reviewing his (updated) memory book. Shoot!  I'm behind fives years of his life.  I have a little work ahead of me today.  As usual, I've procrastinated.  Time to find 2006 through 2011, write about them in terms Austy can comprehend, and place the pages behind sheet protectors in a big 3-ring notebook.

Are you still confused?  That's ok.  I've hit my 500+ word mark.  That's all I have to say.  You'll just have to figure the rest out.  Oh, and I forgot - one more thing...I hate stuff.  A lot of you might know that about me.  My opinion is the less to lug around life the better.  You can't take it with you so why collect it, why dust it?  That's my theory anyway.  My Mom's 70 or so photo albums, remember those?  She giving them to me eventually to carry on the legacy.  There's a bit of irony, don't you think?     

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