Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is torture!

I'm seeing my general practitioner this morning.  It was thrown at me rather unexpectedly a few days ago when my pharmacy called in for a refill on my regular meds.  Nothing to worry about.  Doc just wants to do a lab check and make sure I'm still ornery.  No worries there.

What throws me off is that I can't "partake" in anything but water until the blood work is sucked out of me.  Now, I'm no slouch.  I know the drill - just water until my appointment so I scheduled it the moment the doors open at 9:00am; however, I wake up at 6:00am.  Who's following this train of thought?  Who knows what evil this imposes on me for over three hours?  Who realizes what my first thought is when I'm slapped awake by Tank's furry paw every morning?  Yes, that's right.  If you've been following my ramblings then you know...Java, Joe, Candy Bar in a Cup, Heaven's Delight, Sweet Nectar of the Gods...COFFEE!!!

This is torture.  I actually considered postponing writing today's blog because normally I have my coffee bowl sitting beside me in it's ole' familiar spot.  Today, it sits empty.  How can I concentrate this way?!  

It's terrible to be so dependent on something.  And before you tell me it's the caffeine, I beg to differ.  Yes, this may play a substantial role in my dependency but I feel it's so much more.  It's the ritual of making it.  The comfort of the sound while it's brewing, the smell of the cinnamon co-mingling with the particular flavor brand of coffee I purchase.  It's the warmth and comfort of holding the bowl against my face, particularly on cool mornings while I'm thinking about ridiculously stupid things.  It's that first hot sip and the smoothness down my parched throat.  Oh my gosh, I'm bringing myself to tears.  

How much more time do I have before my first cup of coffee?  SHIT!     

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