Monday, August 8, 2011

Tonight I'm going to suffer nightmares and indigestion

I love critters - all sorts of critters.  Not necessarily bugs.  No, not mosquitoes - certainly not mosquitoes, but critters.  Ok, ok, not opossums or anything that looks like a rat.  Geez, I've shared way too much information with my readers.  I must clarify everything these days.  But sweet, little critters.  You know, the kind that haven't attacked me yet.  

Prairie Dogs for instance.  They're not dogs at all.  They're not even remotely related to dogs.  They bark like dogs though.  They're considered rodents and I suppose if I owned a big piece of open property like a lot of folks here in Thornton, Colorado losing one prairie dog to a red Ford Taurus going way too fast down Washington Blvd. wouldn't be cause for dismay.  I, on the other hand, was the crazy lady driving that red Ford Taurus going way too fast down Washington Blvd. today and I was devastated.

The itty dude was in complete confusion.  His eyes indicated, "Which way should I go?"  It was the hesitation that killed him along with my need to get home quickly and finish my bowl of luke warm coffee.  When I looked back in my mirror, he was as flat as a pancake.  For a split second, I considered going back, calling the humane society, and sitting with the little guy until the bitter end, but in my heart I knew it was instant death.  Ugggh! 

All I wanted to do was get away from the crime scene.  I didn't want the other drivers to see the guilt on my face.  Rush, rush, rush away - faster than I had driven when I initially squished him.  And then, what did I do?  Another awful decision.  I pulled out my cell phone and called my husband!  I had to share my crime with someone but what if, while dialing, another critter crossed my path?  How ridiculous!

Today, haunted by the confused look on the animal's face just before impact and the sickening vision of a dead creature caused by my carelessness, I vow to keep my speed within 5mph of the posted speed limit on Washington Blvd. regardless of how much coffee I may have sitting on my computer desk.  Isn't that what microwaves are for anyway?  To heat up crappy, luke warm coffee?  So, today a prairie dog sadly lost his life for a non-issue.  Deep sigh.  Tonight, I'll end up with nightmares and indigestion over this poor itty critter.  Rest in peace little dude, rest in peace.     

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