Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Come on! Make up your mind already!!

Change.  I get it.  Things happen.  Move on.  Improve.  BUT, they must improve.  Don't suddenly update something, make no accommodations to explain the change until the deed is done, and then expect us to be pleased about it.

My theory on change is that if a fix improves or adds to a system then go for it.  If it does nothing more than change things around or confuse the end user just to keep an analyst busy, then unfortunately the analyst needs to look for another job.  I'm sorry, I can be rather callous that way.  Today, the Facebook programmers that be sort of pissed me off (is it showing?).

I wouldn't normally be this grumbly about a silly computer application, after all my coffee was outstanding this morning; however, last night I had to deal with another type of change - indecision.  I HATE INDECISION. 

Now I must confess that at times, particularly when standing in front of the candy aisle at the grocery store, I am guilty of waffling between a Snickers Bar or a Milky Way, Lemon Heads or a box of Mike and Ike.  It can be embarrassing especially for Eric who apologises to the check-out clerk waiting patiently for me to make up my mind.  Yes, I do this and on a regular basis.  I am guilty of sweet tooth indecision.

What happened last night is that the woman in charge of religious education made a decision to pull another small class into my group (which made a lot of sense) and then after class changed her mind because one of the children cried before everything started.  Good grief!  Perhaps had the lady waited, she would have realized that the kiddo acclimated just fine as most 2nd graders do.  In fact, the little one had a lot of fun.  Now, next week, she'll probably cry again.  This kind of stuff drives me crazy.  Make up your mind and stick with it especially when it involves other people.  It's not candy, you know!

I hate to openly admit this but my Mama is quite an indecisive character.  She has always relied on every one's input to determine her final decision.  This just can't happen.  One can't make a final determination based on eight different opinions.  This makes for "Willy Nilliness" and this is a very ugly couple of words.  Consider, if you will, asking all of your children plus three of your sisters and their spouses where they'd like to go for Sunday Brunch on Mother's Day.  Is she nuts?  (Yes, but that's an entirely different blog or two down the road.) 

First of all, it's her day.  She shouldn't be planning it.  Her daughters know where she'd like to go.  Let us take care of it.  No, she doesn't want to put us through the hassle, after all we're mothers too.  Deep sigh.  (Violins sound very nice with Catholic guilt hymns.)  Secondly, everyone has their own opinion and Mom wants everyone happy on their special day, so needless to say instead of one quick phone call as to where and what time, we are inundated everyday with not one call but four sometimes five and usually in rapid succession of one another (because you know she just finished speaking with four of five other hapless victims).  Third, on Saturday, the day before the big feast, the restaurant selections will be narrowed down to three all of which she's made firm reservations with.  This is almost unforgivable from a business aspect because remember, she's planning this for her children plus three of her sisters and their spouses.  I did not mention that each of her children have children and her sisters have children and their children have children and so on and so forth.  These firm reservations - on this busiest brunch day of the year - are set for a group of possibly 30 or more people.  We are practically a banquet hall of diners.  Once the final decision is made, my Mom will call and cancel the other two "firm" reservations at 11:00pm the night before.  I believe my Mama is single handedly responsible for why we have to pay cancellation fees at major restaurants these days.

Willy Nilliness.  This phenomenon also happens once we get to the restaurant.  I tried to explain it once to Eric after we were married.  We arrived at the restaurant and once he had found a seat promptly sat down.  Sounds normal.  This is what normal families do.  Nah.  Not mine.  He looked confused as my Father, siblings, their families, and myself stood around the long table waiting for my Mother to get situated.  You see, we learned a long time ago to never, ever get comfortable at a table because it would just be a matter of time before my Mother determined that the seating was not up to her liking.  For instance, the children should be down at the end, away from the adults.  "Richard (my father), why don't you sit down here across from Eric (my husband) since you haven't seen each other for awhile? (It didn't matter at all that Eric would prefer to sit next to me, his wife).  Kathy (my sister), why don't you sit next to Tiffany (her 10 yr. old daughter)..." and on and on and on...  Cringe worthy embarrassment because the entire time this is happening, we are standing in the middle of a restaurant disturbing and at the same time, being personally introduced to each and every diner around us. 

Change, Indecision, Willy Nilliness.  Oh for the love of God and everything good, can't Brad just make up his mind already?!  Angelina or Jennifer.  It's driving me crazy!!!


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