Friday, October 28, 2011

40 Somethings.  We are a powerful force.  We are beyond caring what kids on street corners have to say when we walk past them.  In fact, I defy these kids to open their mouths because we're at an age when we'll turn around, give them an ear full, make them cry, and call the cops just for good measure. 

We're confident in our own skin.  We're exhausted from all the ridiculous diet gimmicks and promises because we've tried them all, spent the money, and watched our bodies lose and regain pounds over the years.  We've finally come to the realization that we are who we are and if we're fortunate to have loving and supportive friends and family beside us, we've also learned that we're beautiful just the way we are.  We know if we nourish our souls, our radiance will shine through and allow us to be breathtaking individuals.

We have something to contribute.  Too often I see the younger generations focused solely on themselves.  I was there once.  I was centered on my life and where I was going.  My tunnel was narrow and there was no vision past what was ahead of me.  Now, I see so many who need my assistance. Since I've looked up, there are others - others my age and older who are standing beside me.  Where did they come from, these amazing people who volunteer their time, effort, and energy?  They are an inspiration.

We're not afraid to be fools, to laugh outloud, to fall on our asses and get back up again and say, "Oops, my bad.  Wasn't that silly?"  We can go up to a perfect stranger and tell her she has broccoli on her teeth or a booger in her nose.  Why couldn't we do this when we were younger?  I would have so appreciated it if someone discreetly told me I had toilet paper hanging out of my skirt.  Just the other day I pushed a young lady's tag into her dress and she thanked me.  I wasn't construed as a pervert.  I was a nice 40 something lady helping a teenager out.

My mom told me once, probably while she was in her 40's, that the 40's would be the best years of my life.  Huzzah to my mother!!  I'm having the time of my life.

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