Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bri is in recovery.

Some days, especially after a large family event, I look around my house and think, "What the heck happened?"  I mean seriously, all the important questions come out for instance, who ate that nasty bowl of what when and why didn't they clean up after themselves?  How could I possibly walk past this unnoticed?  The questions have been asked but sadly, I'm still too exhausted to pursue the answers.

Yes, today is the day after a large party and - if you're anything like me - it will take today plus several additional days to recover.  Before I continue, let me explain that it was a lovely Baby Shower.  There was no alcohol involved not even wine.  Social Services need not make an unannounced visit to the Potts' family abode this afternoon.  I'd only be written up on a filthy house violation.      

I must sleep.  Not nap.  Sleep.  It is vital to my well being after such events.  It doesn't matter that dirty underwear has been laying on the laundry room floor since Tuesday morning and that there is no bread, fruit, or milk in the refrigerator.  The dogs are loving plain hamburgers from the local fast food stand.  All that matters is that once the boys are off to school, I get back into bed, hide the phone, and sleep.  Absolute BLISS.  First step, accomplished.

Second step, oh my.  Where do I start?  In my kitchen?  Grocery store?  Austy has an appointment today..what do I make for dinner?  What's that smell?  The kids didn't take the dogs out last night (and they want their own pets?).  Do I pay the bills?  Jury Duty tomorrow?  Someone has it out for me.  (Breathe).

One thing at a time.  Ice Cream.  Definitely.  Hot Fudge with nuts...a must.  It's all part of my recovery.  It's all part of the plan.

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