Monday, November 7, 2011

Who wants to swap kids for a little while?

I love kids.  They're interesting.  Of course, this only applies to everyone else's, right?  No, I love my kids too.  Friends and neighbors also love my boys to pieces.  "I can just eat him UP!"  (and you know who you are).

Yes, my boys are sweet - in particular - Austynn.  He hasn't reached that surly teenager stage yet where everything out of his mouth is a growl and every look is a snarl.  Even though when he's angry he still hasn't quite figured out that screaming four-letter expletives from the top of stairs is quite the way to handle his anger.  We're working on this.  He's a 140 pound thirteen year old talk-your-ear-off, know-it-all, autistic love bug who is emotionally and behaviorally 8 years old and he drives me absolutely bonkers.

Yes, my kids are a handful.  I love them but I am open to a weekend trade if anyone would consider this option in the near future.  Waiting..waiting..?  No.  I didn't think so.  You've heard too many tales of eye doctor appointments gone bad or drive homes which have exploded into family nightmares.  No, these two are my babies.  I wouldn't impose them on anyone save the bravest of souls.

My sister, Ellen in California has taken on Austynn and quite frankly she is the only one I feel comfortable leaving him with.  One must have a great sense of humor and a tremendous amount of patience to watch this kiddo.  And by the way, Eric and I would never have anyone watch both boys at the same time.  This would be tantamount to suicide.  They would kill each other or make life miserable for the caretaker.  No, we've learned long ago that they need their time away from one another too.

Ellen has been bitten, suffered incredible temper tantrums, and even had to clean Austy's poo out of her bed (all very long and silly stories), and yet - with a great sense of humor and sincerity - has always invited Austynn to come back for another visit.  Who else but my eldest sister could put up with this nonsense and still open her arms lovingly to him?  She is his champion away from home. 

William does very well at his Paternal Grandparents.  He worships Grandma and Grandpa Potts and fortunately they will not take any of his nonsense.  They tell him like it is, corrects him when he says something out of line, and he answers to them when he makes a mistake.  As long as he is respectful, he gets treated with respect.  Grandpa is tough though.  I love it when we send him there.  He comes back a changed kid even if it lasts only a few weeks or so. 

So, I need another break.  I realize it's only been a few weeks since I've been back from California but now I think it's time for the boys to be off.   If family is reading this, let's get the word out shall we?  Let's ship the Potts' boys to California.  We're ready.  How about Thanksgiving break?  This will give Eric and I something to be truly thankful for.  A very quiet holiday. 

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