Monday, November 21, 2011

Ivana Trump: Today's Blog Hero

I'm riled.  I read two articles this morning which have me completely fired me up. 

The first was political.  Reading these types of news clips are dangerous for me because I tend to slide into the comments section and do battle with unintelligent, uninformed, or inbred people attacking the very fundamentals of what I know to be right or wrong with this country.  I know what's going on!  These fools have no clue!  Shameless idiots!  This country is going down the crapper and it's because of ...uh... umm...hmm...better stop.

The second story was a series about why people are removed from airplanes.  A particular one which distracted me to no end was the story about a woman with a 2-year-old son who was kicked off a plane when she couldn't stop him from yelling the same two lines repeatedly.  ("Go! PLANE! GO!" and "I WANT MY DADDY"). 

Now in my opinion, the airline had every right to do this because after say, five, ten, fifteen minutes of incessant screaming she was lucky that the guy behind her didn't do it.  I mean, really?  If I had to fly across country for five hours, a screaming child would not be a good thing.   I'm normally pissy on a good flight, throw a little turbulence in there and an out of control toddler in front of me and the Air Marshall would have a serious situation on his hands.

Yes, I feel empathy for the mother.  After all, I stood in my autistic 13-year-old's bathroom last night and listened to him scream - no, really - SCREAM, about having constipation so I understand her agony.  I've been in grocery stores where he's thrown himself down on the floor and refused to accommodate my need to go shopping.  Eric and I have been in restaurants where both my boys' voices have risen to where suddenly everyone in the room knows exactly what inappropriate table topic they've chosen to discuss.  And finally, I've also have been in a small metal fuselage - my own personal terror - with my boys as they've yelled over who gets to sit next to the window or why one touched the other's knee.  HOWEVER, I have some damage control techniques under my belt.  There is a point where I can stop them within moments of the outburst. 

I make no excuses for them.  Yes, they are on the autistic spectrum.  Yes, they have issues yet I have certain expectations which I insist they meet. 

Last night in the bathroom, it was his bathroom.  He was in pain.  Scream away little guy.  I waited it out.  No worries there.

In the grocery store.  When he threw himself down in the bread aisle and started kicking the shelves, I sat on the floor and very calmly said, "Really?  This isn't going to get us home any faster.  I'm almost done.  If you make a mess in this aisle, who do you think has to clean it up?  We do."

"I'm tired!  I just wanna go home!"

"I get it, I do too.  So let's get it done, dude.  Kicking this stuff just makes you look goofy."

"I hate William!"

"Ok, I get that too.  So can we finish now?"


"Thanks, buddy.  Let's not do this anymore, alright.  It's getting boring."

"Ok, sorry Mom."

Ivana Trump:  Today's Blog Hero
I brought my boys into this blog for a two-fold purpose.  One, I know that being a parent is tough.  It's hard to control your kids sometimes.  I totally understand BUT - and here's the second point - you have no right as a parent to inconvenience others because you don't have control or choose not to discipline (another huge issue) your children.  If, once on that airplane, my boys escalated, could not be contained, and we were asked to leave, I would graciously accept the airline's decision, apologise on behalf of my children to the passengers and crew members, and disembark.  This woman did no so such thing.  She demanded and received an apology from the airlines, compensation for her overnight stay, and a $300 travel voucher.  What a horrible, selfish, and arrogant human being. 

Ivana Trump was also part of this article describing how she was once kicked off an airplane.  Her issue was that she had cursed at passengers.  Hmm?  Who?  Children?  Really..??  They were running up and down the aisles unsupervised and making nuisances of themselves.  She apparently called them (pardon her Czechoslovakian), "Little fuckers" and told them told them to "Shut the fuck" up.  I laughed out loud.  How many of us have thought this but never had the nerve to say it?  Well, now we know what would happen if we did.  So let this be a lesson to us in the future, don't cuss at ill-behaved children on planes.  Just stretch out and trip them by accident.  I betcha' $5 that the first passenger who catches your eye afterwards will wink, smile, and say, "Thank you."  I know I would.

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