Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maybe I'm supposed to laugh today..??

When I first login in the morning, I jump right to the news page.  I snuggle up into my crappy, ratty, flannel over-sized sweater jacket thing, place my warm bowl of candy bar in a cup (otherwise known as Bri's coffee) next to my face, and squint at the monitor (because invariably I leave my reading glasses on my bedside table upstairs).

Today was no different other than the fact that my bowl of coffee was ice cold because of some ridiculous nonsense I had to put up with from my sixteen year old trying to stay home from school.  (No can do! William left the house angry and is most likely attempting to hawk up something horrifying in front of his high school counselor as we speak.)

The first article which captured my eye was a goofy video about a Boston Terrier being tickled and I thought, aren't there more important world events that I should be contemplating rather than a silly dog making grunting sounds on video?  At that moment, I could find nothing more polarizing, nothing more interesting, or entertaining.  I watched it several times.  I laughed.  I giggled.  I snorted.  Each time it became sillier.  With each rewind I considered in depth whether or not the owner was making the noises or if it was actually the terrier.  Then I would become annoyed that I was destroying its entertainment value.  I Facebook'd it.  I was out of control.  Finally I stopped.  I forced myself but it needed to be done.

Next item of interest, "Most Women Fail Fertility Math".  I didn't even read the article.  Since I easily fail fifth grade math, I burst into laughter.  Now, I understand that this is a very serious topic.  Infertility is a heartbreaking issue and one in which many women, including myself, have had to cope with.  I suppose it was the title that tickled my Boston Terrier funny bone.  I just couldn't read it.  I was too busy wiping off the giggle tears.

Ok, wheew. I needed some serious reading. On to the next eye catching article...the bullet, "Human Milk Bank Facing Crisis". Opening sentence, "Got Milk?". Stop the madness!

Final chance for news redemption, bullet: "Pamela Anderson and Virgin Mary".  I had sincerely hoped this had something to do with Ms. Anderson finding some sort of redemption in the Catholic Church.  Not at all.  This will be one holiday special my boys will not be watching.

Perhaps today I wasn't meant to wake up and read the sad stuff (although Ms. Anderson's adaptation of the Blessed Mother can go either way).  I believe there's been plenty of that business shuffling about in my thoughts these past couple of days.  Maybe this is God's way of taking some of the burden off my shoulders; however, I don't believe he planned on the throwing in the Pamela Anderson article.  I think this was a total and complete fluke.

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