Thursday, November 3, 2011

Money...what's that?

It's that time of the month again - no, Banshee has not arrived though this experience is two times as awful.  It's bill paying time.  The thing that makes this doubly painful is that we pull out the bill box twice a month and realize just how broke we are.

It wasn't always this bad.  There was a time when Eric and I actually looked forward to taking care of our financial responsibilities; we paid our bills, tucked some away into savings, and planned ahead for family vacations.  Then, we had a couple of terrrible years.  My old car needed some serious engine repairs, Eric was in an accident, the dogs had their stomachs pumped not once but three times (because of course, what one eats, the other does too).  I needed two dental crowns.  Suddenly, everything we saved was gone.  The credit cards needed to be used.  Yuck!

I suppose it didn't help when Austynn managed to flatten my two left tires by leaving screws and nails from one of his experiments on the garage floor.  Because of the tire wear, I had to replace all four tires.  This was an expensive robot that never was.  Then there was the plumber we had to pay when one of the boys shoved something bizarre (it's still a mystery as to the "who" and "what") down a toilet and thought they could remedy the situation themselves. We spend a lot of money on the boys' repair work around the house.  It's amazing how my young Aspergian guys will read a book or watch a home repair show and suddenly feel they're experts in all things.  It's very costly living with two know-it-alls.  I guard my vacuum (though I have a love/hate relationship with it) with an extremely cautious eye. 

So this morning, to avoid Eric's stress - and by stress I mean leaning over the table, holding his forehead with one hand, and moaning - I'll sit down and take on the awfulness of the situation.  The only calming thought is that the house payment, electricity, and the cable bills will be paid.  I'll buy groceries tomorrow.  The rest, we'll struggle through somehow.  We always do.  The situation could be worse.  As I type this, there are people living in cardboard boxes in 17 degree temperatures on the streets of Denver.  As long as we keep our home, health, and sense of humor - it's all good.  We have each other.  There's plenty of love within these walls to withstand whatever future failed experiments the boys may attempt.  And who knows?  Perhaps their next scientific endeavor will be successful, they can bring us out of debt, and we can finally take that family road trip to Texas.

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