Monday, December 26, 2011

The day after...

The day after.  What?  Did something happen yesterday?  Something must have because there are small clues still lingering about the house.  Bits and pieces of wrapping paper that never made it into the trash bag, twist ties from ridiculously packaged autobot toys, half eaten boxes of cherry cordial candies, direction booklets to e-readers, possible but not probable recycled gift bags, boxes, and bows lining my hallway stairs..oh, yes - that's right, it was Christmas.  That would explain why everyone in my house is lounging about in their pajamas and robes at 10:30 in the morning and most likely will continue to do so for the remainder of the afternoon.

I will be moving shortly because I have some errands to run.  No, not to the store.  I am not one of those crazy folks (and, my apologies to those who are) who run to the malls for the after holiday sales.  I have an intense aversion to crowds.  I need to take care of some less harrowing projects; however, the process of getting out of my 4x too big sweat pants, ugly blue t-shirt (sans bra), and my crappy, ratty, flannel over-sized sweater jacket thing, and facing the big, cold world of Thornton, Colorado seems challenging.

My dear husband knows me so well.  He's brought me some eggs on toast with fruit as I'm writing because, after all, Eric is aware that I need protein and I'm too stubborn or lazy or self-absorbed to take care of myself.  How does he find me beautiful?  How can he possibly love me?  People, go out and find yourself an amazing partner who understands you better than you do yourself.  Who, when they look at you wearing something comparable to a pair of 4x too big sweat pants, an ugly blue t-shirt (sans bra - if you're a gal), and a crappy, ratty, flannel over-sized sweater jacket thing, still think you're hotter than the sexiest models out there.  He amazes me.

I digress.  My sugar must have plummeted.  The orange juice is helping.  Thank you, Eric.

So yes, today is the day after a holiday.  A big one, Christmas.  The shutters are in a half open state, the house smells like four people who have not attempted to brush their teeth or move past the bathroom or the gaming stations since they've rolled out of bed.

As the matriarch of this family, I feel somewhat compelled to make everyone get up and do 25 jumping jacks.  As the lazy queen bee partially responsible for this state of affairs and reluctant myself to move away from my bowl of coffee and tall glass of orange juice, I will allow things to continue as they are.  My husband will remain a happy sloth in his recliner upstairs, watching mindless hours of the Sci-Fi channel with our small dogs curled cozily around his feet.  I will stay in my office chair, glued to the glow of my lap top screen, in a semi-dark room, listening to my boys fight over who's turn it is to play Wii for the next four hours.  I will only move when I hear the threat of bloodshed. 

Happy Holidays to all my dear friends and loyal blog followers from around the world!  I truly cherish your support.  Please feel free to submit comments from time to time.  I'd love to hear from you. 


Leigh Ann said...

I will try again to leave comments...I try all the time and it never seems to work.
I think the day after Christmas should ALWAYS be a day off for everyone. Whether we are out shopping w/all the crazy people, or home in our jammies trying to get over our food hangovers, we ALL need the day...period!

Leigh Ann said...