Thursday, December 29, 2011

Glossy versus Glazed

Glossy, the dogs' ball after fifteen minutes of play time.
Glazed, a wonderfully sinful type of doughnut containing more calories than I care to investigate at this time.

Glossy, my eyes after watching the hospital scene in the movie, Terms of Endearment.
Glazed, my eyes while stuck in traffic with the kids in the backseat.

Scene from movie, "Terms of Endearment"

Glossy, the way my face feels after a lovely spa facial.
Glazed, the way my body feels after a hot day standing in lines at amusement parks surrounded by screaming children and overpriced novelty items.

Glossy, my heart after I make love to my husband.
Glazed, my brain after I eat the apple I smoked the "medicinal" marijuana from.

Glossy, snuggling up during a snow storm to read a good book.
Glazed, listening to anyone discuss banking, fine wine, or old Star Trek episodes.

The cast from the original "Star Trek" TV Series

Glossy, being invited to a great holiday party with dinner and dancing.
Glazed, being invited to a Tupperware Party and then afterwards, being asked to host one.

And finally...the difference between one Peach Vodka Martini and one too many.  Cheers! 

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