Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hey, corporate monsters...close your doors!

Come on now, really?  Close the doors.  Open until midnight or 10:00pm on Christmas Eve?  Seriously?

I can see restaurants that are normally open late or 24 hours a day, I understand this.  Not everyone is Christian.  There are people expecting a place to go for a warm meal and a friendly face tonight. 

On a personal note, Eric and I have no family in the Denver area and it's become a tradition to have Chinese food and force our children to whine through a couple of hours of holiday lights afterwards.  My husband and I suffer a drive in our local neighborhoods looking at the houses bedecked in festive multi-colored LED lighting and cheerful Christmas tunes while our boys ungraciously huff and puff in the backseat.

"How much longer 'til we get home?"

"Why do we have to do this, isn't Christmas supposed to be about what we want?"

This is about the time when I want to escort them to my guest room, have them haul their hidden presents to the back of the truck, and drive them straight to the Salvation Army.  When did Christmas become all about them?

This happens every year of course.  By the time we finish dinner and look at the lights, Eric and I are thoroughly finished with our lovely family moment.  Ironically, we know that when our boys are adults, this will become their special holiday tradition.  They'll look fondly back on it and not remember how awful they were but instead force their kids to do the same thing.  We know because this is how it worked when we were children. They're excited.  There are gifts waiting for them under the tree.

Aren't there gifts waiting at home for the store clerks from JC Penney and other store clerks across the country?  I'm sorry, but if there are idiots out there who waited until the last possible moment to buy a gift for their wife or a stocking stuffer for their daughter, then that's their problem not the employee who drew the short straw working the late shift. 

A request to the big corporate monsters, CLOSE YOUR DOORS!  Let your employees go home to their families.  Stop squeezing every retail dollar you can out of the last minute shopping losers of this country.  Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas.   

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