Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'll take a lifetime supply of Vitameatavegamin, please.

Lucille "McGillicuddy" selling Vitameatavegamin
I'm a pill popper.  Not in a bad way.  Don't pick up the phone and call Narcanon just yet.  If there's an herbal supplement which promises to to promote heart health and shiny hair - I'm all over it.  Yes, I'm a sucker.  If I were alive during the 1950's and Lucille McGillicuddy were a non-fictional character selling me Vitameatavegamin, I would have been her first customer.  No wonder Eric and I often find ourselves sitting in Denny's trying to figure out where our next $1.00 is coming from.  I'm too busy spending the $1.50 we don't have keeping my crazy, dyed red hair from falling out.

I'd love to say that this is an inherited trait - that my mother has something to do with it.  In some ways, I think she does.  She's always concerned with some sickness or another taking over her life.  This is just a goofy concern based on the fact that we're all mortal.  No one disease is foolproof be it cancer or the malady that hits us when we cross the street while we're not looking.  Oops!  That was a bus, wasn't it?  Silly me. 

The reality is that we're all going to die eventually.  Whether it's today or sometime down the road, there's no escaping it.  The only things we can hope for is that it's somewhat painless and we go with as much dignity as possible.  That whatever we've left behind isn't a mess and the people we love know how we feel about them.  And finally, that we've completed something; be it a song, story, or helping another human being in such a way that our lives carry on through them.

What purpose do I serve?  I put food on the table for the people packaging and labeling Omega 3 Fish Oil Tablets.  That's a given.  I'm their biggest contributor.  Was I placed on this planet to be Eric's wife when he survived his brain tumor surgery?  Was I meant to adopt two brothers who may not have otherwise had a mother?  Am I meant to be some one's special Hospice caretaker?  Perhaps I haven't fulfilled my destiny yet?

We all have a place in this universe - a reason for our existence.  If I'm lucky, I may still have time to figure it out.  Longevity is in my genes. My mother's mother lived until she was nearly 100 years old.  I bet she took supplements too or at least ate a lot of fresh fish.

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